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NetPonto #46 - It's with OpenTelemetry we FinOps! 🥁

Kenbi Tech Hub

Yellow everyone! 🥳

We were off for a bit there, but we're back just before those beautiful summer days come to shine and make us want to go out to the beach! 🏖️

Our next session brings a conversation about OpenTelemetry, followed by a round of FinOps to save up costs.

🗓 Agenda
✍️ 09:45 - Check In
🎙 10:00 - André Pedroso - OpenTelemetry in .NET
☕️ 11:00 - Coffee Break
🎙 11:30 - Anderson Oliveira - FinOps: Saving Money or Making Money?
🥘 12:30 - Closing

🎙 André Pedroso - OpenTelemetry in .NET 🎙

📝 Abstract:

OpenTelemetry (OTEL) is an open-source observability framework that provides a standardized way to instrument, collect, and export telemetry data from distributed systems. In this presentation, we'll explore how to get started with OTEL in .NET applications. We'll cover the basics of instrumentation, including adding OTEL to your application, configuring OTEL, and exporting data to different backends. We'll also demonstrate how to use OTEL to monitor and troubleshoot distributed systems using traces, metrics, and logs.

👤 Bio:

André Pedroso is a Tech Lead & Senior Software Engineer with +10 years of experience mainly on the Microsoft tech stack. Proud father and husband. By night he grabs one of his guitars and goes out to play.

🔗 https://www.linkedin.com/in/a-pedroso/
💌 [masked]


🎙 Anderson Oliveira - FinOps: Saving Money or Making Money? 🎙

📝 Abstract:

Cloud changed IT forever. So as how IT deal with costs. The time of infrastructure fixed costs are over. Finance and Procurement's role are more faded. Engineers now have "license to spend". But with power comes great responsibilities. FinOps is a brand new discipline that aims to help enterprises run their workloads on cloud in an effective manner while contributing to its profitability.

👤 Bio:

Anderson Oliveira is FinOps Senior Product Manager at Farfetch Technology. He is an active contributor to FinOps.org, by leading workgroups and producing content that is part of the discipline's body of knowledge. External speaker on FinOps events, Anderson has also produced technical articles on the area.

🔗 https://www.linkedin.com/in/anderson-c-oliveira/



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