Testing strategies beyond TDD

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Testing is an important part of the software development life cycle, therefore it is neglected by developers. Often software testing is related to TDD only, though there are acceptance testing, integration testing, stress testing and so on.

Also developers tend to think that to apply TDD is not possible in a on going project, the goal of this talk is to give an example of strategy to getting started with software testing in an existing project.

TDD is an essential part of C.I and C.D, therefore sometimes a different approach is needed in order to get to the unit testing.

Talk topics
- Software testing definition
- The need to refactor, the change is a constant in software development
- TDD the context and definition
- Integration test and acceptance test
- Approaches to create a strategy to effective testing
- Choosing a test tool
- Refactoring definition
- The project example 1 - API and front end
- The project example 2 - monolith approach
- Challenges and lessons learned

After the meetup we will have networking time (beers & pizza) sponsored by Trovit

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Speaker bio

Marabesi Matheus is addicted to software development, best practices, design patterns and testable code. Besides the professional projects, he has been researching about software testing and gamification.

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