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Hi I’m Sophian, founder of YouTube channel "Weave The Story”

For the past year, I received positive comments on stories and fun facts I share on my YouTube channel and cooking workshops. Several subscribers have requested for a dine-in concept in Lisbon.

Join me on unique culinary experiences NEVER done in Portugal. Every month I present different cuisines from Southeast Asia which include street food, festive foods, regional foods, royal food and Portuguese influenced food.

Depending on the theme and number of diners, the events will be held either at Intendente or at a pop-up venue. This dinner will not only feature authentic food from Southeast Asia. I will share stories on the food we eat and how it was influenced with the arrival of the Portuguese and European colonists. A light dessert will be served at the end of the service to cleanse the palette.

Note : Quality ingredients are sourced from local farmers to provide you with fresh seasonal ingredients, and so may change according to availability. This dining experience focuses on traditional Southeast Asian cuisine, hence allergies and diet preferences may not be accommodated.