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Hello and welcome to the first Waves meetup in Vienna!

*** Announcing our guest speaker: Ilya Smagin, Waves Platform Lead Scala Developer. ***

* Ilya has more than 10 years of international software development experience. He worked for global financial services firms such as Spotware forex trading platform, Deutsche Bank and Yandex. Ilya finds Scala and functional programming very consise and extremely efficient way to deliver business goals.
Since joining Waves team in late 2016, Ilya has been deeply involved with major platform optimizations, he took key part in the implementation of Waves NG protocol and currently leads the development of Smart Contracts. *

So, we will have a unique opportunity to discuss the future of Smart Contracts on the Waves Platform with the guy in charge of implementing the functionality. Among other topics, we'll learn how and why Waves SCs will be an improvement over what is available on other blockchains. Pavel Soldatking, who has been providing great support for the organization of this meetup over the past couple of weeks, will also be in Vienna on the 26th.

I hope you'll join me in welcoming Ilya and Pavel to Vienna and use this opportunity to get all your questions answered and ideas heard. I'm very much looking forward to the conversation.


Join representatives of the Waves Platform who are coming to Vienna for this event, your fellow startups and enterprises with ICO ambitions, developers, blockchain and crypto-currency enthusiasts, the experts and the curious, for the first meeting of the Waves community in Vienna, Austria and surrounding countries.

We'll have a brief intro of the Waves Vienna meetup and Vienna Node, presentation of the Waves platform by the people developing it, and an extensive Q&A session. Some refreshments will be kindly sponsored by the Waves Platform development team.

Waves Platform is one of the most exciting blockchain platforms today. The emphasys is firmly on facilitating real world projects and businesses, while providing all of the promises of blockchain and taking the next step. http://www.wavesplatform.com

- Lightning fast transactions (industry leading)
- Decentralized and democratic LPoS blockchain
- DEX Decentralized exchange (your funds never leave your wallet until the actual moment of exchange) with centralized matching of buy&sell orders (ergo fast)
- Token creation takes less then a minute and the token is immediately tradeable on DEX
- Waves Labs supports promising ICOs
- Fully customizable (custom blockchains, custom wallets, ...)
- Smart contracts coming soon
- Multisignature wallets coming soon
- Hardware wallet support coming soon
- Anonimous transactions coming soon /

Vienna Node is the local platform node (deployed independently of the Waves Platform team) meant to provide easy access to transaction processing using your custom tokens. It's already set up and running, although the website hasn't been built yet. You can have a first look at the API at http://vienna-node.eu and more on the node features will be announced at the meetup.

For now, here's the latest update on Waves: Waves Platform January 2018 Review (https://blog.wavesplatform.com/waves-january-review-b79869de37b2)

We're very excited about meeting you all on the 26th. All the best until then!

Srdjan and the Waves Platform team