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Группа для тех кому не безразличны социальные изменения, от социологов до социальных работников, стартапщиков, энтузиастов блокчейна и разработчиков софта.

Мы часть международной сети "Блокчейн для социальных перемен" https://www.meetup.com/blockchainforsocialimpactny/ поэтому - основной язык группы - Английский.

Join the Moscow blockchain community dedicating their talent and work to transforming our world. By properly leveraging blockchain technology we can solve the world's most pressing problems. The blockchain's ability to leapfrog or change corrupt and inefficient power structures can revolutionize the way we approach issues ranging from the supply chain, financial inclusion, human rights abuses, and modern slavery to environmental, energy, and workforce problems. One source of shared truth and trusted infrastructure can help NGOs, charities, social entrepreneurs, civil societies and companies achieve their mission.

Come and discover the innovators, leaders, and philosophers in the space showcasing their solutions and meet the technologists who can support your needs.

Our participants will range from people directly involved in the blockchain and humanitarian spaces to people interested in emerging technologies, potential humanitarian/political ventures, and socially conscious citizens of the world. We'd like to share passion and purpose with developers, tech entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, impact investors, charities, activists, advocates, NGO affectionados, networkers with social impact in hearts and minds. Speakers: Each event will include multiple speakers from various backgrounds. Speakers may be developers creating blockchain dapps, or solutions, consultants, NGOs, institutions, charities using blockchain solutions, humanitarian workers interested in exploring blockchain tech, and thought leaders in both spaces.

The meet-up will not focus exclusively on particular blockchain and will accept ideas.

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