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F#unctional Londoners is a meetup group that aims to bring together Londoners with an interest in functional programming with F#. Topics include: - Essentials of functional programming and F# - Assessing what kind of projects F# is well suited for - or not - Using F# alongside other languages and libraries - Asynchronous and parallel programming - Data visualisation - Scientific programming - Numerical methods and optimisation - Financial modelling

As an affiliated user group of fsharp.org (http://community.fsharp.org/), the F# Software Foundation, we strive to build a great community of passionate people who care deeply about F#, and want to make our community a safe and welcoming place for everyone. We expect everyone attending our events to be respectful, open, and considerate, and to follow the F# Software Foundation Code of Conduct (http://foundation.fsharp.org/code_of_conduct). If someone's behavior makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way, please report the issue by emailing conduct@fsharp.org.

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ProgNET London 2019

Skills Matter at CodeNode

.NET is constantly evolving. Sharpen your skills and stay in-the-know with ProgNET London: the three day conference covering the most important .NET developments. https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/11690-prognet-london-2019 With one day of talks followed by two days of practical hands-on workshops, ProgNET London has you put down those ‘lecture notes’ and start deploying your new skills straight away. Here, you’ll be writing your own code under the guidance of leading experts. So there’s no need to worry about those after-party beers wiping away your new-found .NET knowledge!

Type-Safe Datatype-Generic Programming in F#

Skills Matter at CodeNode

Please also sign up with our hosts Skills Matter to get a free entry code for the meetup: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/12801-f-sharpunctional-londoners-september Datatype-generic programming is a powerful technique that allows you to parameterise your functions by the shape of the types that they are invoked with. A simple example of datatype-generic programming is a pretty-printer for arbitrary record types – it inspects the structure of the record type at runtime to find its fields and then prints the value of each field in turn. In .NET languages, datatype-generic programming is typically achieved through a combination of generic type parameters and reflection, but this method suffers from the proliferation of obj values and therefore unsafe code. In this talk, we’ll take a look at three libraries: • TypeEquality - https://github.com/G-Research/TypeEquality • HCollections - https://github.com/nickcowle/HCollections • TeqCrate - https://github.com/nickcowle/TeqCrate We’ll show that when taken together, these libraries offer a type-safe abstraction layer over simple reflection. By using them, we can create our own libraries that are not only type-safe with respect to their public API, but whose internal implementations are completely type-safe as well. There will be sponsored pizza and drinks after the event. About the speaker: Professional F# developer by day, amateur type theorist by night, Nick runs a team of F# developers at G-Research (https://www.gresearch.co.uk/) and enjoys drawing ideas from the world of functional programming to create robust and safe software for the finance industry.

F#unctional Londoners

Skills Matter at CodeNode


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GraphQL with Jorge Gueorguiev Garcia + Geometric Algebra with Andrew Willshire

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