Jenkins & Java 10+ Online Hackathon

Jenkins Online Meetup
Jenkins Online Meetup
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Hi All,

We have planned a week long online hackathon where Jenkins contributors/users will be working together on Jenkins core and plugins in order to find and fix compatibility issues, share experiences and have some fun. Additional context about the event can be found at

Sign up to participate in the hackathon:

Oleg Nenashev (@oleg_nenashev)
Liam Newman (@bitwiseman)

Chat Channels:
#jenkins-hackhouse IRC
Jenkins Gitter channel

Join us!

Monday, June 18 @ 7:00AM UTC
Watch it at

Monday, June 18 @ 4:00PM UTC
Watch it at

Tuesday, June 19 @ 4:00PM UTC
Watch it at

Wednesday, June 20 @ 4:00PM UTC
Watch it at

Thursday, June 21 @ 4:00PM UTC
Watch wit at

Friday, June 22 @ 4:PM UTC
Watch it at