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Welcome to Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developed India 2020.

Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former president of India, has invested his life in inspiring the youth and the professionals to assume their leadership role for transforming India into a developed nation before 2020.

Our forum serves as a collaboration platform for the youth and professionals inspired by Dr. Kalam

We organize career development support, independent consultancy development support, business and investment support for the leaders and enterprises who assume their leadership role for transforming India into a developed nation before 2020.


In the first phase of our forum development we wanted to increase the membership of the forum to more than 2020. Mr. Balarama Varanasi has shared the vision and let the participants share their visions and mentored them through a series of meetups known as "Live Leadership Case Study & Mentoring". We have successfully completed our first phase within the first year.

In our second phase of the forum development, Mr. Balarama Varanasi proposes to conduct "Leadership Networking Meets", as joint meetup with other Leaders & Enterprises of the Forum. Our Next Target is to conduct these meetups with 20 Leaders, and 20 Enterprises and to increase our membership base to more than 20200.


File Photo of the Founder receiving award from Mr. Gregory Balestrero, CEO & President of Project Management Institute (PMI), USA in Project Management Congress 2005, New Delhi is shown.

This Forum is the Leadership Initiative of Mr. Balarama Varanasi, and you can learn the visions of other Leaders & Enterprises who have inspiring visions useful for realizing developed India 2020.


How about Your Leadership Role?

- Kindly attend the meets to learn our Vision, Mission and Activities, learn the visions of other Leadership aspirants and share your vision with us and other leadership aspirants.

- Organize our meet in your office or college near you or your college, to assume your Leadership Role for Transforming India into a Developed India 2020.

- Tell us how you can help us in realizing the goals set for the second phase of the Forum development.


Invite your Friends to join our Meetup. Invite them to attend one of the physical Meets.

Happy Leading. Happy Volunteering. Happy Inviting!

Best Regards

Balarama Varanasi, PMP


Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developed India 2020

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