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Join us and bounce your crazy ideas against ours to:

- Learn with others or teach how to make apps that operate on lie-fi and offline modes.

- Build open source PWAs that are as smooth as ~~native apps~~ butter.
- Brainstorm UX & create best practices.
- Share your ideas and PWA ❤️ with the rest of the world.

We take diversity seriously and adopt Conference Code of Conduct. Please follow it: http://confcodeofconduct.com

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PWA + WebAssembly, PWA in Firefox: an update & more

Skills Matter 10 South Place London

Let's meet again and discuss all the latest PWA news! We are grateful to our sponsors and supporters: - Skills Matter https://skillsmatter.com - Enonic https://enonic.com IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please register at https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/12353-pwa-webassembly-pwa-in-firefox-an-update-and-more to ensure that you have a valid ticket for this event. ====== Agenda: 18:00 Doors open, registration and drinks -------- 18:30 PWA in Firefox: an update by Andreas Bovens, Senior Manager, Product at Mozilla Let's check what's going on in Firefox browser in terms of PWA idea: current status, roadmap and more! About the speaker: Andreas Bovens is a Senior Manager, Product at @Mozilla. Working on Gecko & GeckoView, Firefox for Android, DevTools. Progressive Web Apps believer. https://twitter.com/andreasbovens -------- 19:05 Going «enterprise» in the browser by Einar Ingebrigtsen, CTO & Founder at Dolittle With the advent of PWAs the browser adds capabilities of creating great offline experience. With Dolittle having a focus on CQRS + Event Sourcing, we’ve had to scratch hard to get under the skin of the browser to enable running our runtime and SDK inside the browser using WebAssembly. This to enable a write once, run many scenario – the holy grail of software development. About the speaker: Einar has been around the block a couple of times, ranging from working with low-level assembly and graphics programming in games to large line of business applications. He is very passionate about code and consider it a lifestyle. At Dolittle he heads up the product and R&D, both hands-on and higher level. Cross platform and across different environments has always been part of his career. -------- 19:45 Mingling, networking, pizza and drinks ====== Dear members, please think about how you behave towards each other and towards the outside world. Everybody associated with London Progressive Web Apps Meetup group is responsible for following the rules and guidelines provided in the code of conduct. So please read and follow. Thank you! http://confcodeofconduct.com/

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End of summer meeting

Skills Matter 10 South Place London

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