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We are a community of people who use Atlassian tools to improve processes and enhance collaboration throughout their organisations. It's no longer just software development teams that use Atlassian tools, users now come from all departments for all kind of work from HR and Marketing with JIRA Core to IT teams with Service desk and the whole organisation sharing and collaborating on work in Confluence and discussion in HipChat.

Come join us one evening and learn and share best practice with fellow group members, ask questions and get solutions or advice, the AUG leaders will always be able to point you in the direction of one of many people who can help.

We often have Atlassian staff and many Expert partners on hand at each event, speaking about how to get the most out of the tools and to help answer questions on the night.

AUG members also get exclusive discounts and early access to Atlassian events such as AtlasCamp and Summit.

Come along, share your experiences, pick up some Atlassian SWAG, beer, pizza and new contacts, all for free!


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Atlassian Apps are in town! RSVP now for the 25th September at John Lewis!

John Lewis & Partners Head Office

PLEASE RSVP HERE TOO: https://aug.atlassian.com/events/details/atlassian-london-presents-atlassian-apps-are-in-town-rsvp-now-for-the-25th-september-at-john-lewis/#/ The strength of Atlassian tools is to share work and content across different teams. At the same time, organisations often struggle to scale their agile practices with Jira or get the whole company to adopt and truly collaborate in Confluence. Come join ALM Works and K15t at their "Team Up Tour" stop in London to hear best practices for how teams can work better together. Hope to see you all there! Beejal and Sinead

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Atlassian are in town!

Ministry of Justice

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