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Ottawa ReactJS is an inclusive space for all people remotely interested in ReactJS and its associated technologies. We are on a mission to empower developers of all skill levels to learn and share knowledge to better ourselves and our community. We aim to be a safe space that promotes empathetic, diverse and engaging conversation. We believe the more opinions that differ from our own promote a stronger more informed community.

If you even want to give us feedback you can do so by:

Tweeting us: https://twitter.com/ReactOttawa
Emailing us: ottawareactjs@gmail.com or
filling out this anonymous form https://t.co/UldfcF5EEO

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React Ottawa - October 2020


WE'RE BACK! It's been a long summer/whatever that was, but we're getting going again with some great talks/content! For obvious reasons, we're moving to an online format (so, no more capacity issues!!) and we'll be posting the link to the live event soon. Details If you are interested in giving a talk please feel free to email us [masked] or submit a GitHub issue here: https://github.com/OttawaReactJS/talks/issues Talks: Talia Nassi - TBD Mat Dupont - TBD We would love to connect with you and see how things are going, how we can better deliver interesting, useful meetups to you! You can reach out here on Meetup.com, Twitter @ReactOttawa or Github https://github.com/OttawaReactJS

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React Ottawa - Early May 2020


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