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App developers tired of three incompatible tech stacks for writing web and mobile apps. Focus on hacking together and mentoring. Build & share reusable components, team up, and find jobs. Whether you are just interested in learning or are already experienced and looking for peers or jobs you are more than welcome here!

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Open Space #10 – Endless Summer Special


On August 21st we will have our 10th Meetup for this year hosted by neoalto at Startplatz. The meetup will be in Barcamp/Open Space format, which has worked very well in the past and provided a wide range of topics. We encourage all skill-levels of developers, ranging from "interested in React" to "professional" to come and join us. Agenda: 18:30 Arrival, snacks and get-together 19:00 Session planning 19:30 - 20:30 Slot #1 (2-3 Tracks) 20:30 - 21:30 Slot #2 (2-3 Tracks) 22:00 Doors close Everybody can suggest topics (something you want to talk about, or something you would like to hear about) and the community will vote on which topics are covered in the meetup. Topics can cover anything that the community is interested in and is not strictly confined to React. In the past topics like APIs, testing, DevOps etc. were also popular. Snacks and drinks will be provided. We are looking forward to seeing you!

React Cologne Meetup in November – How to React?

SoundReply GmbH

SoundReply, the makers of the how.fm digital trainer platform, are happy to finally host this event. The format is still in the concept phase. We are planning for a mix of the well-established barcamp format and an outstanding Keynote. We are accepting proposals. Just send a message to Farhoud Cheraghi in the list of organisers. We encourage all skill-levels of developers, ranging from "interested in React" to "professional" to come. You can present something or only listen. THE ATTENDANCE IS FREE OF CHARGE. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Agenda: 18:30 Welcome and get together 19:00 Sessions 22:00 Doors close RSVP your seat today!

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Open Space #9 React Meetup - Getting hooked on React ;)

Ambient Innovation: GmbH

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