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The Hive Think Tank is the largest community of AI and data innovators. The Think Tank is hosted by The Hive (http://hivedata.com/), an AI fund and co-creation studio. Visit us @ Medium (https://medium.com/hivedata) | Twitter (https://twitter.com/HiveData) | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HiveData/) | YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/HiveMumble).

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and our community consists of data scientists, entrepreneurs, corporate users and academicians. We are appreciative and proud of our sponsors, which you can view here (https://www.meetup.com/SF-Bay-Areas-Big-Data-Think-Tank/sponsors/).

The Hive Think Tank hosts talks and panel discussions that are focused on four key areas: AI based Applications, Data Infrastructure, Data Science and Entrepreneurship that span enterprise, consumer and Internet of Things (IoT) segments.

Current hot topics for The Hive Think Tank include:

• Deep Learning and AI

• Bots, Conversational Agents

• AI based Enterprise Automation

• Security & Privacy

• Smart Machines and Autonomous Industrial Operations

• Drones, Robots and Self Driving Vehicles

We have hosted over 275 events so far with 9,500+ attendees and we’re excited to have you join our community.

Join The Hive Think Tank and be a part of the AI driven innovation that is driving disruption and creating new opportunities.

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Enterprise Data Management

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Executive Briefing Center

REGISTER HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/JlxJLHcnjY2ZS8eO2 YOUR SEAT IS NOT GUARANTEED WITHOUT COMPLETING BOTH STEPS OF THE REGISTRATION PROCESS (MEETUP RSVP + GOOGLE FORM) AGENDA 6:00-6:30 – Registration & Networking 6:30-6:40 – Intro from HPE 6:40-6:45 – Intro from The Hive 6:45-7:45 – Panel Discussion 7:45-8:00 – Audience Q&A SPEAKERS Rashmi Kumar, VP of Information Technology, HPE Rashmi Kumar is VP – Global IT with HPE in Houston. She is a seasoned technology leader with wide-ranging experience in IT Leadership, healthcare, consulting services, electric utilities, financial services, information technology, Media & Entertainment and steel industries. With more than 25 years of experience, Mrs. Kumar’s primary areas of focus include CTO/CIO office, Data & Analytics, strategic planning, Enterprise Architecture, and large-scale business process transformations. Rashmi Kumar’s current responsibilities at HPE includes Applications Operations and Support, NGIT Program Build and Deployment, and technology leadership to enable HPE business to achieve transformation goals. Raji Arasu, SVP of Intuit Platform, Intuit Raji Arasu is Intuit’s senior vice president leading the development of the company’s platform and strategic services that powers Intuit’s financial product experiences on mobile, web and conversational UI. Prior to Intuit, she served as chief technology officer for eBay subsidiary StubHub, after holding a variety of leadership roles at eBay. Arasu is an advisory board member for Code.org® and CTO Forum. She also serves on the board of directors at NIC Inc. Shanthi Iyer, VP of Data & Analytics, Cisco Shanthi Iyer is currently leading Cisco's Data Management organization including BI, Predictive Analytics, Data Security and Master Data Management. Shanthi has gained diverse expertise across infrastructure, application development, and solution architecture. She has led multiple transformational initiatives, including large-scale business transformation, ERP and CRM implementation, and data center migrations. Before joining Cisco, Shanthi worked at Applied Materials in Santa Clara and Mashreq Bank in Dubai. She provides mentoring and coaching through ICON (India connection) and WTAN (Women in Technology Action Network). Kala Ramaswamy, Head of Finance Systems & Business Intelligence, AirBnB Kala Ramaswamy is a senior technology leader with deep expertise in Enterprise Data and Analytics transformations and promoting a data and insights driven culture in organizations. She have over 20 years of experience leading global enterprise programs in leading technology companies such as Airbnb, eBay, PayPal, and Brocade Communications. In her various roles as part of CDO, CIO, and CTO organizations, In her various roles, Kala has led global functions like Business Analytics, Enterprise Data Governance, Data Strategy, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Data Warehouse and Operations. Svetlana Sicular, VP Analyst, Gartner (MODERATOR) Svetlana Sicular is a thought leader at the intersection of data and AI. She is convinced that a human plus AI is smarter than either by themselves. Ms. Sicular is passionate about bringing machine learning to domain experts and helping organizations successfully compete by applying their business acumen to analytics and data science. Her current research interests focus on the ongoing shift from data to insights: machine learning, artificial intelligence, conversational systems, human-in-the-loop crowdsourcing, real-time analytics, information products, postmodern information management and the human role in the digital economy. Ms. Sicular pioneered big data and big data analytics research at Gartner. She developed important ideas, which are now commonly recognized as big data cornerstones: multidisciplinary data science teams, the role of Chief Data Officer, use-case-based architecture, information governance in the age of big data and personal analytics.

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Social Implications of Robotics

swissnex San Francisco

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