• Alternative Education - Debunking the Formal Education System - Seminar

    http://indianexpress.com/article/education/over-5-lakh-post-graduates-graduates-apply-for-sweepers-posts-in-up/ https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/education/news/unemployment-rate-in-india-nearly-31-million-indians-are-jobless/articleshow/63182015.cms (Over 5 lakh postgraduates, graduates apply for sweepers’ posts in UP) (Unemployment Rate in India: Nearly 31 million Indians are jobless) If you check the above articles, it should be enough to understand the dire situation of our Current Education System. Unless if you are from a reputed college, our education system does not add any value to the students. Students are pursuing college, just for the degree sake, no real knowledge or value learning is available in most of the colleges. Formal Education only tests your Memory and nothing else !! In this Digital Age, there is no point in deceiving our selves by believing that Colleges and Universities are the only sources of knowledge. Unlike 10-20 yrs ago, knowledge is available at the click of a button. If you have the willingness to learn and explore, there is no limit. Today's internet has made easier than ever, to have access to the all the information in the world. Colleges are merely helping the students to be loyal, to follow orders, and to be disciplined. It is not serving the real purpose, it has become a Churning Machine where dumb(lack questioning, reasoning), and unskilled students are produced. They come out of college in millions and not sure what to do next !! We may not change everything overnight, but we have to start somewhere. In this Seminar, we will discuss some of the below major points: 1.Issues & Challenges in Current Education System 2.The Worldwide Perspective in Delivering Education 3. Alternative Education in Digital World. 4.Q & A This Seminar will help the students and parents, to understand why is it very important to change our approach to gaining knowledge. What are the methods we can follow to gain skill and start your career soon..and many more..interesting things. Please feel free to attend and share your thoughts on this topic. You can reach me on WhatsApp at the number given below: Thanks, Kiran. [masked]

  • Web Development Certification Course for College Students

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    Web Development Certification Course for College Students Why do you need this Course? It is so sad to see students who complete engineering in Computer Science and do not know how to develop a simple website. I strongly feel that it is not the mistake of the students but the mistake of the nomadic education system which does not allow students to explore and encourage them to learn and experience real knowledge. Their whole time goes on reading what is there in the books, remembering them and repeating them in the exams not knowing what they are learning !! Moreover, if you are studying, that does not mean you can do any work, as a student, you can always do a part-time job(many do), where you can get real-time experience and having some little earning along the way. Given the numerous number of startup's and online jobs available these days, you have more chances of getting part-time or full-time jobs where you can work in your free time. Who can attend this course? Anyone who wants to learn about the web development(making websites) and hosting of websites on the live web server.Even if you are doing your Schooling or even if you are in a college, you can attend this course.There is no need of knowing any programming language to attend this course. What will you get from this course? This will give an idea of how the web development works, how to create a website using bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3. We will cover how to use code managing tools like source tree and Github for our code. How to host a website on a live server using a custom domain name and how to create a custom email ids for your domain name.You will receive a Certificate of Course Completion. With this knowledge, you can apply for internships positions on this skill and we will also go through the process of creating Resume to apply for jobs. Why you need this course? This course is not for money, this is for helping the students and guiding them in the right direction so that they can start their career as soon as possible. You will be able to create a completely responsive website on your own and you will also learn how to host that website on Godaddy and create your own custom emails.After attending the course you will receive lots of material(soft copy) for learning. You will be allowed to join closed FB and wats app group where you can learn and ask any questions related to your career, education, jobs etc. This is not a free event, you will need to make a payment of Rs.250/-. If you have any questions, please wat's app on my number:[masked] Thanks, Kiran Kumar, Full-Stack Developer(Mobile/Web) with over 8+ yrs exp in IT. Happy Learning.!!

  • Gain Skill, Not Degrees .Why Alternative Education is essential ?

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    Register Here: http://www.meraevents.com/event/gain-skill-not-degrees-why-alternative-education-is-essential- Yes, Our Education System sucks !! How many students are getting placed after their Graduation? Why do we see students going jobless or doing jobs that are not related to the field of study? Getting a degree is nothing but, having a paper sheet with percentage, but having mastered nothing and you end up in big trouble facing this world !! Our education system is devoid of the reality.It is making us believe that reading unrelated subjects that are not even close to the real world are the only option we have.Students can do more than that.We are in 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' and students are taught 'Second Industrial Revolution' subjects. It tests your memory power in remembering the subjects, not what you have understood or what your ingenuity is. We have millions getting out of college every year, without having no skill, and that is a big problem!! It is not up to the education system, it has been like that for more than a century and it is not going to change anytime soon. Being sensible and common sense people, it is up to us, what to do with our children's time and life. Do you wish them to be someone looking for ranks, marks, learning nothing once they get after their college? In this startup-era, we are seeing an explosion of opportunities to the students who are skilled, creative and those who can make the difference !!.Student's Degree and Age are not criteria these days, only skill matters.Startups hire students with skill, rather than students with just degree papers.The only way to gain a skill, start working as early as possible. What is the event about? This event throws light on the things that we need to focus on, apart from the routine education that students are getting. This will give an insight into the current trends and skills that are essential for the students of this current generation. We will see what is happening in India and through the world, and how things are changing and how we can adapt to those changes. Overview of the things that will be covered in this session: - Importance of Alternative Education - Step by step process on how the students can gain a new skill - How to get job immediately after their education - How to work, while you are studying - What skills are needed in this generation - Plenty of Tips & Resources for the students - Much more. This presentation is focused on the students who are in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). Suitable Audience: Students who want to have a bright future. Parents who want their kids to be successful in their career, and make really big in their life. Location & Date/Time: Date and Time are tentative and it may be changed to online webinar based on the response. The session would be 2 hours in duration.The exact date and location will be notified for the registered users. About the Presenter: Coming from an Engineering background, and seeing many of the friends and others who became successful in life, even without good education often surpises me.There is more to an individual, rather than just having an education degree !! Kiran Kumar.A Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Full-Stack Developer with 8+yrs exp in IT.Alternative Education Activist.Join this group to get more info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/alternativeeducationindia/

  • Why we do not need Formal Education anymore?

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    Thank you, everyone, for joining and supporting this group !! "Our education system is not broken, it has just become obsolete" Our Centuries old Formal Education, which is delivered through public and private institutions has become a factory of producing millions and millions of students every year, who are just plain stupid. Most of the students from these colleges, do not know what they learned, why they learned, and do not know what to do with what they learned. They just end up doing whatever job they get, and some, spend years doing nothing. Some end up going for training institutes, trying to gain some skills. A large number of students from ordinary colleges end up being unskilled, lack-reasoning, lack-questioning, lack self-learning abilities. In this current age of technology, we do not need this type of education system anymore. People all over the world are recognizing the drawback's of formal education and are finding new ways to change the status-quo. This meetup is to come together and discuss the various issues that are prevailing in the Formal Education.In this meetup, there would be a brief presentation about what is wrong with the formal education, how it affects students and we will explore what other options do we have apart from Formal Education. Let us share ideas, discuss them to find ways to have a more progressive learning experience for the students. Please come up any creative ideas that can be used to make use of the latest technology and other ways, so that the current generation students do not end up doing the same mistake we had made.!! Your suggestions and inputs would help us to put into action by forming an Organisation, which will encourage the students to take up new methods of learning. Anyone who is interested can be a member of this Organisation. To help us to be more connected, I have created a WatsApp and FB Group Please feel free to join the Groups and share your thoughts. Quit Formal Education: [masked] Facebook Group Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/quitformaleducation/ Thanks .!!