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Do you want to socialize with awesome young professionals like yourself? Do you want to be part of a great circle of friends? Smiley social is the answer.
We get together to do all sort of social activities like Soccer, Volleyball, Movies, Tennis, Ping pong, Badminton, Volunteering, Live music, Laser tag, Dancing, Partying and etc. Please join and come to our meetup with a smile!

Important rules:
1- You must have a real picture of yourself for profile photo.
2- Your name on your profile must match the name you introduce yourself to the members.
3- We are very strict with attendance and if a member reaches to 2 noshows, we will let him/her go.
4- Please unRSVP at least 12 hours prior to the event if you can't make it. unRSVP under 6 hours can be counted as noshow depending on the event and the event host.
5- If you are in the wait list and your status doesn't change to "Going" or if you didn't sign up for event, please do not show up to the event.
6- You must respect other members and don't make them uncomfortable by any means. If anything or anyone made you uncomfortable in any of our events, you should report it to the organizers.
7- You must avoid texting to the members whom you don't know and never met in person.
8- You must fully cooperate with the event hosts and be very respectful toward them.
9- You must be 18+ to join our activities.

By joining and being member of Smiley Social Meetup group, You agree to the terms and conditions at the following links:

1) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W2mq-7m99lmvd7gdWYaSUFtvVg4UGnzV6koafAbHmco (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W2mq-7m99lmvd7gdWYaSUFtvVg4UGnzV6koafAbHmco/edit)

2) https://www.meetup.com/Smiley-Social/messages/boards/thread/51486042

Предстоящие мероприятия (5+)

Indoor Volleyball At TJ - Social & practice (14 people max)

3501 2nd St S, Arlington, VA 22204

Let's get together at Thomas Jefferson community center to play indoor volleyball. We will try to have practice/drills before playing, so please bring volleyballs if you have them. ⚠️ This event is to improve teamwork as in passing-setting-spiking/sending ball over. COST: $8 for Arlington residents / $16 for non-residents. Guest passes for non-residents are available for $8, write the hosts if you need them. Court Type: Indoor ⚠️You'll be automatically put on the waitlist and moved to "Going" by the host/s ⚠️ This is social, come with a good attitude and let's bring each other up in our game.

Badminton - INTERMEDIATE (8 people Max)

Thomas Jefferson Community & Fitness Center

Due to popular demand and only 1 court available, we are experimenting with multiple days and levels of badminton. Level: Intermediate. You are considered at Smiley Social's intermediate level if you are able to at least: 1- Consistently serve quality serves 2- Able to hit a variety of shots (smashes, drop shots, etc) 3- Capable of hitting forehand and backhand 4- Understanding the rules of the game COST: $8 Arlington Resident $16 Non-Arlington Resident Although the staff normally charges everyone $8, be prepared to pay $16 on the off chance they ask if you're an Arlington resident. If you can't make it please unrsvp so people on the waitlist get a chance to participate Please bring your own racquet

Friendsgiving Dinner (25 people max)

Yayla Bistro

🍁Please read entirely🍁 Let's celebrate by having a family style Friendsgiving dinner at Yayla Bistro! YAYLA BISTRO is a Turkish and Greek bistro. We incorporate fine culinary arts, centuries-old traditions, and the rich cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean region into our menu. ✻ Cost: 💲30 ***Menu*** The following Spreads/Mezzes /Salads will be served family-style along with their Homemade Bread: ****1st Course • HUMMUS: Pureed chickpeas with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic • BABA GHANOUSH Pureed roast eggplant with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic • CHEF'S CIGAR: Lightly fried fill dough stuffed with feta cheese, dill, and ground white peppers. ****2nd Course The following Entrees will be served family-style; • Chicken Shish - Marinated chicken breast grilled on a skewer and topped with tomato sauce. • Adana Kebab – Ground beef and lamb mixed with red peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs and grilled on a skewer. • Spinach Pie- Fresh filo dough layered with spinach mixture baked until golden brown. • Sautéed vegetables • Rice Pilav ****3rd course – DESSERT PLATTER ° Apricot Delight – Fresh apricots stuffed with walnuts. Served over vanilla mascarpone cheese and topped with caramel sauce and crushed pistachios. °Baklava – Fresh filo dough layered with walnuts and baked in honey syrup until golden brown. 🎉Family style means we don't have to choose just one item, all of the above will be served, enough for us to share. $30 does not include.. •10% tax • 20% gratuity (tip) • non alcoholic beverages •alcoholic beverages ## ✓Please arrive on time, we will be seated and start at 7pm promptly. ✓For a smooth checkout bring enough cash to cover tips, tax, and any drinks you order. __ 🚦 RSVP and I'll send you a message (make sure your settings are set to receive messages) with my Venmo ID, so you can send $30 to reserve your spot. This is for the meal. Once I receive it I'll update your RSVP to going.⭐ __ 🛑 I'll send the final headcount to the restaurant the Friday before the event (November, 14). Any cancellations after that date will be forfeited.🍂

KARAOKE Night in Arlington (35 people Max)

Rhodeside Grill

Calling for all the rock stars, dancers and paparazzi! Let's get together and sing in tune or even out of tune, WHO CARES! Downstairs of Rhodeside Grill turns into Karaoke party every Thursday at 9pm. KJ Luis has extensive list of songs from current top 40 songs to obscure old songs from the 70s. Singing is encouraged but not required. Metro or parking: Rhodeside Grill is within walking distance from Courthouse metro located between Rosslyn and Courthouse metros. Street parking should not be a problem in the area.

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Ping pong in Arlington(8 people Max)

Walter Reed Park

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