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Don't know who your customers are, how much they will pay for your product, what features you should build or want to test if your idea has what it takes to become a business?

Our roots and values come from Northern Europe, where we believe that by supporting founders early on, we can make a significant impact on the whole regional Startup and Innovation Ecosystem.

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs and know how hard the journey is. For us, this is a long-term journey that starts with your idea. Once we get to know you, and you have shown us signs of early traction (we will help you with that), we will invest early on, when help is needed the most.

Through our workshops, we get to know you and make sure your idea has been validated. We give you the tools and frameworks to test traction, find early customers and take your concept to the next level.

Find more from our Telegram group; http://t.me/digirockstars

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Casual AMA (ask-me-anything) session


Lean Startup Workshop

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Lean Startup Workshop

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