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I have been Trainer, Writer, and Internet Entrepreneur for the last couple of years.

The purpose of this group is to meet up on a regular basis to discuss, share and learn from each other, so that we enhance the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities needed to be an effective Trainer, Writer, and / or Internet Entrepreneur.

You should join this group if

You are a trainer / writer / internet entrepreneur who is interested in upgrading your skills and sharing your experiences with other experienced / budding trainers, writers, and internet entrepreneurs

You are an individual interested in transforming yourself into a trainer / writer / internet entrepreneur. For those without any experience of training, writing, or internet entrepreneurship, here's a couple of essential criteria for being let into the group:

a. You should be fluent in English.

b. You should be willing to learn fast.

c. You should have a genuine interest in helping people mold their future.

d. You should have a real passion for training / writing / entrepreneurship.

You should be willing to spend at least 2 hours each week (usually during the WEEKDAYS) for the offline meet-ups and utilize the opportunity to learn.

So what are you still waiting for? Just sign-up and get on the bus!

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