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Krasnodar weekend trip


Krasnodar trip General Program 📝:

1️⃣✈️,accommodation 🏨 (1 night Saturday night) or extra nights stay contact us

✅ Arrival & Accommodation at a hotel near to Krasnodar center . (Checkin from 12:00 to 14:00) You can check in On Friday or on Saturday (The program starts with the 1st excursion at 7:00 am on Saturday )

2️⃣ Excursions:

Saturday : (laganaki excursion , cave & waterfalls 🏞)

Time : 7:00 am

✅ Bus excursion to Laganaki (cave & waterfalls) (arrival back in krasnodar maximum by 21:00

✅Free time after 21:00

Includes: bus from & to krasnodar, local professional guide

Extra fees: the cave ticket 🎫 500rub & 500rub for the sightseeing area

3️⃣ Sunday (Guamskay canyon 🏞+ thermal pools excursion 🏊‍♂️)

7:00 am

✅ Bus excursion to Guamskaya canyon (including train trip between the mountains) + thermal pools (arrival back in krasnodar maximum by 21:00 , you can leave to the airport on the way to krasnodar to be at the airport on time)

Includes: bus from & to krasnodar, local professional guide

Extra fees: the train ticket 🎫 500rub 2 ways & swimming in the pools 300rub/hour

The price for the whole program is 7,800 rub (not including flight tickets)

For more details & reservation please send a message on WhatsApp to

Sochi weekend trip


Sochi weekend trip

1️⃣ Accommodation in a hotel near to Sochi center 🏨 1 night (Saturday night) for extra nights please contact us

Saturday :

2️⃣ Bus excursions:
✅ 33 waterfalls
✅ crossing the river on a military lorry
✅ Caucasian show
✅ Free local wine & cheese tasting

Time : 12:00 pm (approximately, the time changes according to your location)


✅ Krasnaya polyana
✅ Roza khutor
✅ Gasprom resort
✅ Free local wine & honey tasting

Time : 10:00 am (approximately, the time changes according to your location)

3- our representatives (guides) during the excursions

6,300rub per person (until every Wednesday)
6,800rub per person (from every Thursday)

For more details & reservation on our website please send us a Whatsapp message


For updates, you can join this Sochi Whatsapp group
Наша поездка на выходных поможет тебе заряжаться энергией теплоты и наполняться эмоциями 🤩

В стоимость входит:

1️⃣ проживание в отеле рядом с центром Сочи (одна ночь, если нужно больше пишите нам)

2️⃣ Автобусные экскурсии:

Суббота :

✅33 водопада , экстрим поездка на грузовике , кавказское шоу


✅ красная поляна, роза хутор и газпром курорты

6,300₽ с человека (до каждого среды)
6,800₽ с человека (с четверга)

Бронирование и вопросы через вотсап и на нашем сайте

Пишите нам по вотсапу

Для новости можете присоединиться к этой группе для сочи в вотсапе

Saint Petersburg weekend trip

Требуется местоположение

Saint Petersburg weekend trip
General program:
1- Accommodation: A good hotel near to the center for 1 night (2 nights optional)
2- Excursions :
Saturday :
1- Bus city tour for 2,5 hours to enjoy this amazing city with stops at the most interesting monuments to take unforgettable photos. (Comfortable bus with a professional local guide)
Sunday :
2- Petergof & kranshtadt bus full day excursion , visiting such beautiful cities near to Saint Petersburg is a “must see” activity, we are going to have stops at the most popular places to get some interesting info & of course to take some fantastic photos with our friends.
Optional (instead of peterhgof)
3- isakievsky complex is an amazing monument to visit , where you can climb the ladder & watch Saint Petersburg from the top 😉👌
1- Good hotel near to the center (in order not to wast time on transportation)
2- Good buses & experienced local guides who will make your vacation comfortable & interesting 👍
3- The opportunity to meet new friends who also love traveling like you , so don’t be shy & say “hi” or “привет» to start a conversation with anyone, don’t forget everyone joins the trip to have fun & meet new friends 👫 🤗
The price :
For reservations & more details send us a Whatsapp message
[masked] v

Weekend trips


There are bunch of great cities to visit with gorgeous sightseeing places & excursions 🎡🏖🏝🎢⛱🎠🏰

We offer some of the best trips & excursions with in Russia ✈️🚌 & you can book on our website 👌

Currently you can book your trip or excursion in these cities:
1️⃣ Sochi (The warmest city in Russia)
2️⃣ Saint Petersburg (One if the most beautiful in Europe)
2️⃣ Krasnodar (The capital of the southern region)
3️⃣ Nijny Novgorod (6 hours by train from Moscow)
4️⃣ Yraslavl (3,5 hours by train from Moscow)
5️⃣ Suzdal (Ancient city just near to Moscow)

For more details & photos check this link

1️⃣🏨🏔🎡 Trip (hotel + excursions) from 3,700rub

2️⃣🏰🚌 Excursion only from 1000 rub

Discover Russia 🇷🇺

For any inquiries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp
📲 [masked]

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Saint Petersburg weekend trip

Требуется местоположение

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