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Leveling Up Your Workflow Part 2: Testing Tools and Methods For The Rest Of Us
Alternate Title: Getting, Keeping and Proving that this stuff is working. For many developers, hearing that you should be doing unit testing is the equivalent of hearing that you should be exercising and eating more vegetables. We all know it in the abstract but we're either too busy keeping everything running or our mouth is too full of Sour Patch Kids to to fit in the broccoli (so to speak). There are alot of misnomers about what testing is and what is isn't and how it works. We're told "you should have all your tests written before you write code" which made (and still somewhat makes) no sense to me. It's not how I think. However, it's possible that the same testing tools that the those annoying coders who write the tests first use can also be a huge help for those of us who (although obviously brilliant) might not have quite the same coding acumen or approach. Jumping off October's meeting on using CommandBox for Server Management and Configuration, we'll be looking at Testbox and how it can fit into our existing workflow and help speed it up. From there we'll look at using it to make sure that our code continues to work and we aren't breaking it when working on other things. Finally we'll look at prepping our code to test itself automatically, anticipating ways that our code can break and using TestBox and another tool called MockBox to easily simulate scenarios to make sure our code can handle it. As always, we'll debrief our academic rigor with the ritualistic glass lifting event at a local adult beverage establishment in the vicinity. See you there!

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