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Spiritual Journey Sharing & Exploring (Eckhart Tolle)
Why tread your spiritual journey alone? Come and let’s share and explore our soul family’s trip home together. If your practices have been inspired by Eckhart Tolle, mystical traditions, or eastern spirituality, present moment living, feeling presence energy connecting you with Being ..., then you may feel at home on our wagon. If you’re making the shift from head to heart, then let our hearts beat forth in tandem. Likely procedure: -Short silent meditation. -Sharing what you’ve been learning on your spiritual journey and how you’ve learnt that. -Reading from Eckhart’s work. Option to stay for cafe lunch. Please bring something to sit on: mat/folding chair. Should it rain, I’ll leave a message to meet at Bitton cafe, directly across the road from the park. Please change your status to Not Going if you can no longer make it. Otherwise, you may be keeping out those who can. Looking forward to communing with you.


Meetup ที่จะมีเร็ว ๆ นี้

กิจกรรม Meetup ที่ผ่านมา


Some people awaken through a profound enlightenment moment that changes them forever but for most of us, we wake up a little at a time. The capacity to wake up is in all of us because we are energy, we are life expressing itself. There are no tricks or secrets, it's a state of awareness of your own higher consciousness in everyday living. This group is for those seeking to deepen their awareness of the space within and who enjoy sharing their experiences with others.

This group is non-denominational and in joining, you agree to treat others in the group with respect. People of all faiths and beliefs are welcome as long as they understand this a place to share personal experiences and not a place to recruit or publicise on behalf of religious, political or other affiliations.

This group's activities run in Sydney's inner west and consist of free get-togethers and paid group sessions. Paid sessions are run through my business, Dragonfly Ascending FB: /dragonflyascending. Warm regards, Jacqui.