Finding Love on Meetup

A true story of how real-life connections can lead to real-life love.


These are real Meetup stories from Meetup customers. Sheryl shares how Meetup helped her make connections and find love during some of the biggest changes in her life.

After an unexpected divorce after 30 years of marriage, I turned back to Meetup. In the past, Meetup had been my world. I was an active user for over seven years. It all started with a group for dogs and their dog walkers to get together. From there came lifelong friendships and many wonderful memories.

After the divorce, I noticed that all of my married friends were spending time with their spouses on the weekends. I decided to join some friends and singles groups again to start to reinvent myself. It was at a “Friends on the Go” Meetup event in Philadelphia I first met the man I would marry.

The first time we met, we toured Bryn Athyn Cathedral Church in Huntingdon Valley, followed by a luncheon at Maggios in Southampton, PA. Afterward, I sent him a private message on Meetup and the rest is history.

After we were married, we needed to relocate from Pennsylvania to California for his job. I’d lived my entire life in Pennsylvania up to that point. Needless to say, we joined new friends and couples Meetup groups when we got out there. I should be working for Meetup!

Sheryl, Meetup member since 2014

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Last modified on September 22, 2023