Recording: Insights and Updates with Meetup’s Product Team

Meetup’s VP of Product and product managers share Meetup’s latest updates and what’s around the corner.


Join Meetup’s VP of Product Daniel Pardes and Product Managers Alex Loh and Mike Bass for insights on how small businesses can leverage Meetup, an update on our Events Beta test, and new features on Meetup.

Main Takeaways:

  • Meetup Pro offers management tools and integrations that make it easier to scale your group into a network.
    • Pro offers additional tools (and we keep adding more):
      • The updated Meetup Pro network page to make it easier to filter for online events.
      • Future updates: the ability to schedule one event across multiple groups, a consolidated attendee list, an attendee communication hub, better analytics, and more!
      • Click here to a free trial
  • Meetup website update: We’re updating the design of our homepage and improving the search tool. If you visit Meetup as a guest (you can either log out or use a private/incognito window), you can get a sneak peek.
  • You can sign up to be on the waitlist for our beta tests to test and give feedback to upcoming features like:
    • The new event scheduler and event page
    • New ticketing system and payment processing feature

Top Q&A Questions:

  • Do you have to pay to join the beta?
    • Alex: No, there’s no fee to join. You can sign up for the beta at and you can read about the new features we’re offering there. 
  • Can we get rich text formatting back?
    • Dan: We’re allowing that as part of the new event page (currently in beta).
      Alex:  In the beta, there is also a new “agenda” section. You can’t add a photo, but you can add text. We’re thinking about ways that organizers can better share the structure of their event. 
  • We have multiple profile pages and it’s confusing.
    • Dan: It’s our plan to make a consolidated holistic profile. It’s nice to get one clear picture. We have that on the radar for the next few months.

Last modified on November 30, 2023