Recording | Meetup 101: Support for Growing Communities

Discover the ways you can contact a support specialist at Meetup.

Finding the right tools and solutions for your events can be a daunting task. Luckily, Meetup’s Community Support team is available seven days a week to answer your questions and help you build your communities!

Watch this recording with two of Meetup’s customer support professionals, Alex Marden and Colin-Pierre Larnerd, for a demonstration of the ways you can contact a support specialist. Learn about the kinds of answers and support we can provide, get some tips for receiving the most efficient service.

Main Takeaways:

  • Meetup’s Support Team
    • Meetup’s Community Support Team is full of real organizers who use the website and apps.
    • We offer comprehensive support to our members and organizers seven days a week by:
      • email
      • on social media through Facebook, Twitter, & Discord
      • and through the articles on our Help Center!
  • Available Online
    • We offer digital support because, by communicating online we can instantly view groups, events, and profiles… And we love to send helpful screenshots and provide thoroughly-written directions.
  • Tips for reaching out
    • For social:
      •  @meetup_support on Twitter
    • You can publicly tweet at us with general questions. We also monitor our Facebook public comments and DMs.
    • DM us on Twitter or Facebook for account-specific concerns.
  • Using the Help Center demo (8:46)
  • Feature Requests vs. Product Feedback
    • Meetup’s Support Team partners closely with the Product Team to ensure that all of your feedback is considered. We track and record all of your requests by volume and welcome all feedback!
    • Feature Requests are tools or functionality that does not yet exist on Meetup, but you want built. Submit request here.
      • Examples: 
      • Hybrid events
      • Direct Messaging in the Organizer App
      • Threading Event Chats
    • Product Feedback is a “poor user experience” that exists, but should exist a different way. Submit request here.
      • Example: 
      • Photo album thumbnails should not be displayed in landscape mode
      • Inactive Event Chats should not be shown in my chat list
  • Reporting a Bug
    • Bugs (or “defects”) are things that are not working like they were built. Report bug here.
    • Examples: 
      • Error message occurs when scheduling an event
      • Recording a payment doesn’t save to my Money page
      • Inaccurate number of attendees on my event page
  • Trust & Safety
    • It’s very helpful when you report a person/group directly on our platform directly, as it saves us time. Submit report here.
    • Please include the following information when submitting a report:
      • A detailed description of the situation
      • Links to pages where any relevant content at issue may be appearing on Meetup
      • Any relevant emails or content received through Meetup
      • Anything received outside of the Meetup platform that would be relevant to our inquiry
      • Any other information that may be helpful!

Top Q&A Question and Resources:

  • Can the Trust & Safety team be approached about changes requested to the policy too?
    • Absolutely yes, the best way to approach this is to submit a question through our direct request form. Which will either be routed to the trust and safety team or a specialist will answer more general questions.


Last modified on July 25, 2023