Recording | Product Update: Spring 2023

Hear about features launched to help you engage with members, find new members, and increase RSVPs. 

Meetup’s product team is always working to provide a more seamless experience for the Meetup community. Watch this recording with Johnson Tang, Lead Product Manager; Colin-Pierre Larnerd, Customer Support & Operations Manager; Alex Marden, Customer Support Content Lead; and Brian Munn, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager for an overview of the latest updates. Hear about features launched to help you engage with members, find new members, and increase RSVPs. 


Things we did to…

  • Help Organizers Get More Members and RSVPs (2:24)
    • Personalizing Every Touchpoint (2:51)
    • New Automations to Spur Activity (5:15)
    • Search Improvements (7:16)
    • Search by Time of Day (8:23)
    • Your Interests on Home (8:46)
    • Explore Events on Home (9:27)
    • Explore Events on Post-RSVP (9:49)
    • Goal Setting Experiment (10:12)
    • PRO: Speaker Section (10:50)
    • Increase Registrations (11:35)
  • Help Organizers Manage and Engage With Members Better (12:19)
    • Event Chat Improvements (12:27)
    • Post Event Feedback (13:42)
    • Group Photos Improvements (15:27)
    • Organizer App Improvements (16:12)
  • Improve The Stability and Performance of Meetup (16:34)
    • Infrastructure Improvements (16:49)
    • Accessibility (17:49)
  • Sneak Peak (18:19)
    • Hybrid Events (18:27)
    • Discount Ticket Pricing (19:04)
  • Q&A (19:28)

Top Q&A Questions and Resources:

  • What makes Event Chat real-time and Event Comments not real-time?
    • JT: Event Chat and Event Comments are different things. Chat has its own area. Event Comments show up on your event’s page. So think of Event Chat as a group text messaging app. As soon as someone writes something into the Event Chat, everyone who’s in that chat will see the message and get notified. Now Event Comments, that’s the section that lives on the event homepage and behaves as a message board. Another key difference is Event Comments will live on the event homepage forever, but Event Chats disappear a couple of weeks after the event has passed.
  • How are ratings and event feedback presently being used by Meetup?
    • JT: Currently, it’s primarily for organizers to know what’s working well and what can be improved so they can get more people to join, come back, and recommend the group to their friends. We are thinking about the right way to surface this for guests and members, but we have to be careful and responsible about how we do this because ratings can be a double-edged sword. Ratings can negatively impact a group if there are bad apples deliberately and unfairly trying to harm a group’s reputation and if the organizer doesn’t agree, it’s difficult to mediate that in a fair way. We are being careful that we don’t do more harm than good.
  • Can you speak to any plans to make it easier for members to find online meetings right across the world?
    • JT: Currently in search, there is a filter that just searches for all events using the default parameters. It’s a robot that uses a bunch of different signals to figure out what’s the best events to suggest. If people want to only specifically look for online events, there is a filter that allows them to just choose online events. When you choose online, we expand the distance range because we recognize that if it’s an online meeting, you’re not bound by your location anymore. In search, there’s a filter you can switch to in-person or online events.


Last modified on May 2, 2023