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How about making Africa even more awesome? Huh? How about that?! :) How about getting together as a team of like-minded, determined and focussed individuals who would love to contribute to the welfare of Africa through technology. We've got the skill-set. We might already have the passion or might lack it a bit. All we need now is a common ground where we can all put our heads together, brainstorm and fuel as well as channel our innovative ideas into making Africa even better. Obviously over a few beers and the occasional pizza if the sponsors are feeling generous ;). And once a month should be really productive. So this group is for anyone from all walks of life out there who would love Africa to be seen in a different light in regards to technology and be proud to be instrumental in making this change happen.

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Next Generation Africa: Innovation through Business Cooperation

Spaces - Berlin, Spaces Prenzlauer Berg

"The Better Africa" Report

bUm - Raum für die engagierte Zivilgesellschaft (betterplace Umspannwerk GmbH)

Let's talk ABAWT ... EduTech!

Babbel | Lesson Nine GmbH

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