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Augmented and Virtual Reality have the potential to fundamentally change the way we experience our daily lives, how we work and how we deal with information in general.

At the AR/VR/MR ActionJam events we want to bring together enthusiasts, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, fans and like-minded people. We want to facilitate the discussion about technologies, hard- and software, app development, user experience design, best practices, business potentials and working use cases.

Networking and the exchange of ideas is our goal - so let's immerse ourselves in this AR/VR/MR world!

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13. MeetUp AR/VR/MR: Collaboration in XR

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12. MeetUp AR/VR/MR: Creating Art in XR

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11. MeetUp AR/VR/MR: Medicine + Therapy

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10. MeetUp AR/VR/MR: XR in Industry + Manufacturing

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