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This group will have a core focus on applied AI. We welcome suggestions for subjects you like to discuss. As we all know many industry areas see substantial changes thanks to AI. I myself enjoy discussions with peers about subjects which interests me. Since I'm a practitioner as well, I thought it makes sense to set up a group in Zurich to foster exchange. Running a media - IT hybrid company myself, I love fruitful discussions, thoughtful exchanges. Meetups will be a mixture of presentations or talks and you will be always invited to come up with suggestions for presentations or for questions you like to ask those who will present. Hope to see you soon in the group!

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Simulation, what if you know how the real-world would behave?

HWZ Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration

Simulations are what you need to run when you need to assess the risks associated with a range of possible outcomes. This time, we will have a closer look at social simulations and simulations which help to evaluate startups. Agenda 18:30 Welcome 18:45 Ivo Blohm: How to apply AI for small data problems? Simulating survival and profitability of startups 19:30 Armando Geller: Social simulations as representations of real-life 20:15 Closing (1) Ivo Blohm --- How to apply AI for small data problems? Simulating survival and profitability of startups. Despite today’s digitization hype, most problems rather reflect small data problems than big data problems. In many contexts, data collection efforts are still costly or even impossible. A prime example is early stage investing in startups. Almost all data that would be relevant for applying AI is kept private by business angels that are reluctant to open their data vaults out of fear to lose their competitive edge. And even if they do so, available data is often little and of low quality. In this talk, I discuss how simulations may help in such circumstances by showing a novel approach in which we simulated survival and profitability of early-stage startups that on average outperform professional human investors. (2) Armando Geller --- Simulations are dynamic representations of real-life systems built for a specific purpose. Advances in computational social science have increased the fidelity and validity of simulations and the number and range of possible applications. Today, organizations simulate themselves and the environment they operate in to make better decisions for tomorrow. In my talk, I will describe some of the general features of this kind of social simulations, present a selection of real-world applications from my own work and close on a few notes on the future of social simulation for business innovation. Speaker Bios: --------------------- --- Prof. Dr. Ivo Blohm is Assistant Professor for Data Science and Management at the Institute for Information Management at the University of St.Gallen. He has studied Technology & Management at TU Munich (minor electrical engineering), where he also obtained a doctoral degree with distinction. He heads up several publicly and industry-funded research projects in the field of Big Data & Data Science, Crowdsourcing and Digital Innovation --- Dr. Armando Geller, co-founder of and partner at trovero and Scensei, is a tech entrepreneur with a background in computational social science, bringing analytics and decision support to clients through AI-driven social simulation. He earned a Dr. Phil. in political science from the University of Zurich, worked as a researcher in computational social science in various positions in Manchester, UK, and Washington D.C., and held a Visiting Fellowship at Columbia University. Armando engages as an open innovation consultant and earned working experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Basque Country, and Northern Ireland.

Making money with AI: How AI drives startups, makes investors smarter

Artificial intelligence is not only interesting for investors from an investment point of view. They have started to use it actively, in search for the next big thing, the next unicorn. This time we will have a closer look at how to start a business as an AI-driven startup and how investors make use of AI to make better-informed decisions. You should join us if you are an investor, or M&A is your daily business or you are in data science and like to know how to start your own business or how AI can make investment decisions smarter.

The machine-artist: Exploring the limits of machine-made art

A dialogue with artists and computer vision specialists on the effects of artificial intelligence on art forms and art itself. No matter, where you work as a data scientist or developer. Ethics is relevant for everyone developing AI-based products. The question of a machine being creative (if at all) is an essential question: do we want AI to augment human work or even substitute us? Do we want chatbots to mimic our loved ones who died? Do we want a machine to decide, who of 10 patients in intensive care is worth it to receive treatment and who not? The arts are a playful ground to explore societal and human limits without fear of punishment and without lethal side-effects.

How AI is transforming the beauty industry: From customer service to R&D

Beauty is big business. The global cosmetics products market is expected to reach a value of $806bn by 2023, according to a report by Orbis Research. And artificial intelligence is increasingly playing a greater role in the beauty industry with the new tech ranging from skincare coach facial brushes to a machine learning beauty database. Estella Benz, CEO of Skin Match Technology Switzerland AG, will share her insights of how tech is changing this industry. About the speaker --- Estella Benz is the Co-Founder, Inventor, and CEO of Skin Match Technology Switzerland. Skin Match Technology is her second company in the beauty industry, enabling retail and beauty brands to personalize their customer's beauty shopping experience in delivering honest and relevant product information for each client. Skin Match Technology has won the #forwardbeautychallange of Douglas and is part of the Beauty Tech Atelier of L'Oréal Paris.

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