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Pie & AI Suisse - Do current language models equally well on all languages?

How can we fairly compare the performance of generative models on multiple languages? We will see how to use probabilistic and information theory-based measures, first to evaluate (monolingual) open-vocabulary language models by total bits and then pondering the meaning of “information” and how to use it to compare machine translation models. In both cases, we get only a little glimpse at what might make languages easier or harder for models, but deviating from the polished conference talk, I will recount how I spent half a year on a super-fancy model that yielded essentially the same conclusions as a simple averaging step...
Time permitting, I will give a brief of some of my recent work, both on linguistic calibration of open-domain (chit-)chat bots, and on a survey of tokenization and open-vocabulary modeling, done as part of the BigScience Summer of Large Language Models workshop.

Sabrina is a PhD student at the Johns Hopkins University, currently researching open-vocabulary language modeling for vocabulary selection and unit discovery. While her pre-PhD work focused on formal language theory applied to parsing and translation, during her PhD she published on morphology, fair language model comparison, stochastic romanization (at Google AI), and metacognition and calibration for chatbots (at Facebook AI Research), co-organized workshops and shared tasks around morphology and typology, and is currently involved in the BigScience summer of large language models workshop.

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