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The Mini Summit (in another city with "B")
THIS IS A FREE EVENT - PLEASE FINISH YOUR RSVP IN THE LINK BELOW https://aug.atlassian.com/events/details/atlassian-berlin-brandenburg-presents-the-mini-summit-in-another-city-with-b The Atlassian Summit and AtlasCamp concluded some time ago, so we want to invite you to apply the wisdom of hindsight with us and our panelists to discuss new wonders introduced, learned or acquired and old things discarded during the Atlassian summit and AtlasCamp. We kick things off with a keynote by Hubert Kut, about how EBAY manages to escape e-mail hell in incident management. After that we have assembled a top notch panel representing the best of the Atlassian ecosystem in Berlin with Demicon (our gracious hosts and sponsors, https://www.demicon.de/ ), kreuzwerker ( https://www.kreuzwerker.de/ ) , Schütze Consulting ( https://www.schuetze-consulting.ag/ ), re:solution ( https://www.resolution.de/ ) and Deiser ( https://www.deiser.com/ ) is visiting us from Spain. You can network with all of the above during our expo and the latest addition to the Atlassian community in Berlin with their newly opened office and Atlassian Partner of the Year Scandio ( https://www.scandio.de/ ). As always the food will be excellent, the swag choice and the conversation lively. So be there, or be square. Agenda 5:45 pm: Registration Step up and be recognized. 6:15 pm: Welcome Jörg Müller-Kindt, Short Intro, outlook. 6:15 pm: A Way out of email hell: Statuspage for incident management. Keynote: Hubert Kut, Atlassian Architect at EBAY gives a repeat performance of his presentation at the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona. 6:45 pm: Panel: The Wisdom of Hindsight and the Atlassian Summit Our Panel: Daniel Meisen, kreuzwerker Christian Reichert, re:solution Lo Voelsen, Demicon Jörg Godau, Schütze Consulting N.N., Deiser --- Speakers Hubert Kut - eBay Daniel Meisen - kreuzwerker GmbH For more than a decade Daniel has been a keen software developer, consultant and a coach. In addition to excursions into the development of embedded systems and model-driven development, he takes an agile, object-oriented approach using Ruby and Java. Daniel takes care of all things Atlassian at kreuzwerker Christian Reichert - re:solution (CEO and Founder) Jörg Müller-Kindt - NetworkedAssets (Director Business Development) I am the Director Business Development of NetworkedAssets, specializing as a RedHat Advanced Business partner on JVM software architectures on Linux and the technical aspects of DevOps automation. I have 20+ years of experience in the service-provider and telecommunications industry and I still spend most of my time explaining what it actually is I am doing for a living. Moderator Huiyi Lin - re:solution GmbH Hosted By Joerg Mueller-Kindt, CEO and Atlassian User Group Leader Izabela Prokowska, Atlassian User Group Leader --- Global Partner Atlassian (http://atlassian.com) Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality. Partners demicon GmbH (https://atlassian.demicon.de/) Die demicon Gmbh ist zertifizierter Atlassian Gold Solution Partner für die Konzeption, Einführung und Weiterentwicklung von Atlassian-Lösungen. Ob als Social Intranet, eine Plattform für agiles Projektmanagement oder kollaborativer Digital Workplace: Mit unserer langjährigen Erfahrung entwickeln wir ganzheitliche und zukunftsfähige, digitale Lösungen auf Basis von Atlassian-Produkten für eine einfachere, effizientere und innovativere Zusammenarbeit Ihrer Mitarbeiter und Teams. NetworkedAssets (https://www.networkedassets.com/) re:solution (http://www.resolution.de/) --- For nearly a decade, Atlassian customers have come together to network, share ideas, solve problems, and find new ways to use Atlassian products. Today, more than 15,000 people take part in Atlassian user groups in more than 30 countries. --- THIS IS A FREE EVENT - PLEASE FINISH YOUR RSVP IN THE LINK BELOW https://aug.atlassian.com/events/details/atlassian-berlin-brandenburg-presents-the-mini-summit-in-another-city-with-b


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