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Our Focus is on the Azure Cloud and the many services, technologies and opportunities that are included. We provide an open, comfortable environment for experts and newcomers alike to meet and discuss related news, best practices, success stories, challenges, tips and anything else that might arise in this exciting and rapidly evolving technology

This is an open group: Architects, IT Professionals and Developers are as welcome as Business People and other Cloud Enthusiasts! All our sessions are in English. In case of questions or if you would like to contribute as an organizer, speaker or sponsor, please contact the organizers. Follow us on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/azurebern ) and hashtag #AzureBern

We want people to be nice to each other. If you participate in the Azure Bern User Group events, you are obliged to follow our code of conduct: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/azure-tech-groups/code-of-conduct

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Manage and govern your hybrid servers using Azure Arc

Dear Azure Bern UG members

Our next Meetup in 2023 will take place on-site at Welle 7 in Bern, Switzerland and will be all about Azure Hybrid and Arc!

We are very happy to welcome Thomas Maurer (Senior PM and Chief Evangelist Azure Hybrid @ Microsoft). Thomas shows us how we can manage and govern our Windows and Linux servers and Kubernetes clusters hosted outside of Azure on our corporate network or other cloud providers, similarly to how we manage native Azure virtual machines. When a hybrid machine is connected to Azure, it becomes a connected machine and is treated as a resource in Azure. Azure Arc provides us with the familiar cloud-native Azure management experience, like RBAC, Tags, Azure Policy, Log Analytics and more.


  • 📢 17:00 Welcome & Meet and Greet
  • 📢 17:05 Manage and govern your hybrid servers using Azure Arc
  • 🍕 About 18:00 Snacks & drinks
  • 🌜 Approx. 19:00 End of the event

The event is free and open to all interested parties. The session will be held in English. With your registration you agree to the Azure Tech Groups code of conduct.

Please reserve a seat and cancel it if you don't make it to the Meetup. Thanks a lot!

Relaxed atmosphere, beer and snacks are provided by Azure Bern User Group!

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