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Our Focus is on the Azure Cloud and the many services, technologies and opportunities that are included. We provide an open, comfortable environment for experts and newcomers alike to meet and discuss related news, best practices, success stories, challenges, tips and anything else that might arise in this exciting and rapidly evolving technology

This is an open group: Architects, IT Professionals and Developers are as welcome as Business People and other Cloud Enthusiasts! All our sessions are in English. In case of questions or if you would like to contribute as an organizer, speaker or sponsor, please contact the organizers. Follow us on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/azurebern ) and hashtag #AzureBern

We want people to be nice to each other. If you participate in the Azure Bern User Group events, you are obliged to follow our code of conduct: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/azure-tech-groups/code-of-conduct

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Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2023

Welle 7, Bern

25,00 CHF

Azure Bootcamp Switzerland is an all-day conference about the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing platform and will take place on Mai 11, 2023 at Welle 7 in Bern.

Further information about the Azure Bootcamp Switzerland, as well as registration and tickets will be found soon at https://azurebootcamp.ch.

The Azure Bootcamp Switzerland is a community event and open to everyone. We ask you to pay a small fee for the ticket for the following reasons. First, free tickets always result in a high no-show rate when people register for the event and don't show up. This makes planning really difficult for us. We want to avoid that the venue is overbooked and people are sent home or the opposite happens and the venue is underbooked and no tickets can be given to people who would like to attend the event.
Another big issue is the catering. We have to place firm orders for catering during lunchtime and during all breaks. If the no-show rate is high, all the food would have to be thrown away. If you can't afford the ticket for personal reasons and still want to participate, contact us and we will find a way. Please remember that the conference is still a non-profit community conference. A positive financial balance will be invested in future events and donated to a charity partner organization.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you at the Azure Bootcamp in Bern!

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