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We love to discover the beautiful nature around Berlin, the good (or not so good) restaurants and the even more beautiful lakes! Mostly by bike in a relaxed pace. We want to have a completely stress-free and good time in a good company.

So, let's enjoy summer and come on a ride with us!

You are welcome to suggest & organise your own meetup!
If you need help with the organisation part, have a look at the "Draft" here or just send one of the organisers a message, we'll gladly help.

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55km autumn ride, Grünau - Regattastrecke, Forest & Lakes

S Grünau (Berlin) [Wassersportallee]

The days are getting shorter but this does not stop us from cycling. The weather seems to be decent on Sunday and I plan a 55km cycle in the east of Berlin to have only short train ride to the start and end point. !!On Sunday is the first day of Wintertime!! START: We meet at ~11:00 outside S-Grünau. S8 arrives at 10:47 S46 arrives at 10:59 TOUR: We start at S Grünau, pass the Regattastrecke and cycle east past the Langer see, straight to Wernsdorf were we pass the Wernsdorfer Schleuse. From there we go along the Oder-Spree-Kanal (unpaved road). We continue to Erkner and from where we ride on the beatifull R1 Fernradweg, around Dämeritzsee, pass the Großer Müggelsee and arrive at Köpenick. Depending on our mood and the weather we can either take the S-Bahn from Köpenick, continue to Grünau or cycle back to Ostkreuz through Wulheide (also a nice bikecycle way) You might drop out at any S Bahn Station (Erkner, Köpenick) that we come across if you want to shorten the tour. BIKE & SPEED: Roadbikes with thin tires might not be suitable. Leisure: 15-20km/h FOOD: Bring your own food and drinks. We might stop at a Cafe, if we find a nice one. Maybe at the end in Köpenick at the waterside.

Cyc… no, wait… Hike & dine - St. Martin's goose

Berlin, Berlin Südkreuz station (train)

============= FACTS ============= ROUTE: Joachimthal - Werbellinsee - Schorfheide Forrest - Gut Sarnow - Groß Schönebeck LEVEL: Any, this is not a bike tour (as of now)! DISTANCE: appr. 23 km in total MEETING POINT: Berlin Südkreuz, 08:00 o'clock. TICKET: Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket when you sign up for it (Details below), otherwise its on your own REQUIREMENTS: NO bike but social behaviour! COSTS: 20,- EUR for the St. Martin's goose menu FAQ: Ask me! ============= FACTS ============= ============ DETAILS ============ ROUTE: Struggling with the uncertainty about the weather I try to ignore it and schedule a visit to the Gut Sarnow and their yearly "Martinsgansessen". The current setup is a hike from the Kaiserbahnhof Joachimsthal along the Werbellinsee and through the Schorfheide forrest to Gut Sarnow. This distance is 18 km and komoot says we need something around 4 hours. The table is booked for 14:00, so the "early" starting is fine. After the lunch the remaining 4 km to Groß Schönebeck train station are further through the forrest and it's scheduled to take the train 17:12, which brings us back to Berlin via Karow. If the weather become surprisingly well, the "means of transportation" may change. COSTS: Due to the required pre-booking of the menu/seats I have to ask for a deposit of 20,- EUR. This is also the cost per menu per person (drinks excluded) and has to be paid via Paypal! These costs are NOT refundable but you can give your spot to someone else. Due to the preparation requirements I have to know if and how many are joining BEFORE Wednesday, 30 October, 09:00 o'clock. I will contact those on the Wait list prior to that date and ask for the deposit. Those who have paid before that time are in! DISTANCE AND TERRAIN: This is a 24ish km hike with mainly forrest or rural ground. If you want to bring Kids or Animals please get in touch before! MEETING POINT: 08:00 at the ticket machine right after the NORTHERN moving staircase on platform 8 in Südkreuz. TICKET: I'll buy a BBT for those who contact or text me before SAT, 08:00 (I send my mobile number via PN). Final share is the number of BBTs / ppl. using it. (between 5,80 and 9,60). WAY OUT: 08:19 - dep. Berlin Südkreuz, taking RE 3 (3306) 08:39 - dep. Berlin Gesundbrunnen 09:07 - arr. Eberswalde, switching trains 09:17 - dep. Eberswalde, taking RB 63 (61359) 09:35 - arr. Joachimsthal Kaiserbahnhof WAY BACK: 17:12 - dep. Groß Schönebeck, taking RB 27 (61026) 17:53 - arr. Berlin-Karow, switching trains 17:56 - dep. Berlin-Karow, taking S2 18:09 - arr. Berlin Gesundbrunnen(S) 18:26 - arr. Berlin Yorckstr.(S2) RECOMMENDATIONS • Solid shoes! • Looking at the weather forecast and wearing suitable, WARM clothes is highly recommended! ============ DETAILS ============

Seasons opening - Cycle & dine - Kloster Lehnin and Asparagus in Beelitz

Berlin Friedrichstraße station

============= FACTS ============= The final date will be confirmed asa the Asparagus seasons opening is confirmed! I'll notify everyone on the waiting list of the final date! If you confirm back you're in! ROUTE: Brandenburg (Havel) - Kloster Lehnin - Beelitz LEVEL: Easy-peasy DISTANCE: 42ish kms MEETING POINT: 08:45 at the WESTERN end of the platform for RE 1 (3112) to Magdeburg TICKET: Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket when you sign up for it (Details below), otherwise its on your own REQUIREMENTS: A proper bike and social behaviour! FAQ: Ask me! ============= FACTS ============= ============ DETAILS ============ ROUTE: The cycling season always starts with a tour to the most delicious Asparagus you can find in Brandenburg, at the restaurant "Zur Alten Brauerei" in Beelitz, www.zuraltenbrauerei.de Starting in Brandenburg we cycle south-east, passing the Görnsee (where we opened the swimming season in 2019 too) and arrive in Kloster Lehnin after 18 km, www.klosterlehnin.de. With the chance for a Coffee and Cake and/or a visit of the Monastry we stop for about 1,5-2 hours. From Kloster Lehnin there are just 20 km to the restaurant in Beelitz. After the late Lunch or early Dinner we hop on the train in Beelitz, just 1,5 km away. SPEED: Leisurely around 15 km/h. This is less than some people cycling on their way to work and should leave enough time to enjoy the countryside! DISTANCE AND TERRAIN: This is an about 42ish km ride, with mixed paths. As always: Bikes with thin tyres (Race bikes, Fixies) and Folding bikes are not suitable! You won't have fun, trust me! And if you want to bring Kids or Animals please get in touch before! MEETING POINT: 08:45 at the WESTERN end of the platform for RE 1 (3112) to Magdeburg, close to the end of the hall. I have a blue Villiger Trekking bike and may wear some greenish clothes. WAY OUT: 09:07 - dep. Berlin Friedrichstraße, taking RE 1 (3112) 09:57 - arr. Brandenburg/Havel WAY BACK: 17:19 - dep. Beelitz Stadt, taking RB 33 (61849) 17:30 - arr. Michendorf 17:36 - dep. Michendorf 18:12 - arr. Berlin Friedrichstraße This train goes every two hours From Wannsee we can also take S2 to Yorckstraße TICKET: Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket for those who are at the meeting point in time. Otherwise: BYO. RECOMMENDATIONS: Bring your snacks and drinks along! And please make sure your bike is in a proper state! Having a toolset is highly recommended and a spare inner tube to fix a flat tyre a big plus! Bringing special equipment (Helmet, safety vest etc.) is NOT required but welcome if you feel more safe using it. ============ DETAILS ============

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Cyc… no, wait… go mushrooming 2019


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