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7 classes on figure drawing with model plus art history overview
7 CLASSES ON FIGURE DRAWING CLASS WITH MODEL + OVERVIEW ON HISTORY OF VISUAL ART with special focus on art of XX century www.berlindrawing.com 7 WEEKS class from 7 to 9.30 p.m. from November 7 140 € in total or 25 € per class The class will focus on figure drawing learning from basics on. We'll focus on figure, from structure to technique. The “bean” approach will allow you to see the body as a unique 3dimensional structure, then we’ll work on sketches and long poses in order to develop a deep knowledge of human figure. Several techniques can be used. Open to beginners and advanced. To be followed entirely or as single drop in class. The first hour, 45 min of the class will be dedicated to art history, with SPECIAL FOCUS ON ART FROM XX CENTURY on. What changed art throughout the centuries ? How have been developed the concept of light, perspective, composition, emotional setting and so on ? What happened between nineteenth and twentieth century ? How the french revolution, the wars and new discoveries changed radically artist’s position ? Let’s read together images and understand their meanings. We’ll make comparison between artists, subjects and topics. Material: A3 smooth paper block some pencil HB - 2B - 4B ( or more if you like ) soft eraser sharpener or cutter

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Berlin drawing is open to people who wish to develop their creative skills learning and practicing several techniques. Workshops, life drawing sessions and classes offer a big range of possibilities to go deeper in drawing and painting world through a well structured program based on basics and on advanced knowledge.
Lessons can be conducted in English and German.


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