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±4000 members, across [b]Zurich[/b], [b]Geneva[/b], [b]Zugl[/b] and [b]Basel[/b]. Thank you for your support. We are a fast growing community and proud of the strong growing interest around blockchain technology.

We do not allow self-promotion or financial promotion at the meetup (if you wish to promote yourself, please contact hello@blockchainers.ch for sponsorship packages)


New group dedicated to the blockchain meetups in Geneva only - This meetup is all about blockchain and how this technology will affect the way we transfer values in the future. We will make sure to invite high quality speakers, relevant large corporates and startups with valuable insights at each meetup. This is a chance to share our knowledge, ideas and experience about the Blockchain and deep dive in the future of value transfer. All people active in the FinTech industry or very interested in it are welcome to join.

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Peculium, a Crypto Saving Solution

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