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Lisi Linhart - CSS Houdini – Painting the Web

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Nils B. and Christian S.
Lisi Linhart - CSS Houdini – Painting the Web


+++ CSS Houdini – Painting the Web +++ by Lisi Linhart +++

This talk focuses on the CSS Houdini Paint API, which gives us the flexibility to extend the browser's render engine with JavaScript. We will focus on the following points:

  • Explanation of a concrete example of generative background painting with CSS

  • The performance aspects of the Paint API compared to traditional CSS

  • When and for what to use the Paint API

+++ About Lisi +++

Lisi is a frontend engineer with a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science. Additional to her background in media technology & design, she has a passion for creating better experiences for anyone using the web. She currently works at Storyblok, remotely from Salzburg, Austria.

In the past she taught several web development as well as media design classes at an university, where she got to work closely with students from different backgrounds. Since then she enjoys teaching developers and helping make the web platform better, either by running workshops at conferences or creating technical content on her blog.

If Lisi is not coding something, you will often find her doing something creative or learning something new, like creating something with wood or arduinos.

+++ Zoom Infos +++

Meeting ID: 850 9664 5447
Password: 828139

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