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We are a regular online-only event, free to attend, with talks on various topics centered around CSS. 🎬 Have a look at our past editions on Youtube.

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CSS Café meets CSS Day: an in-Person Pop-Up Event!

The Hoxton, Amsterdam


+++ CSS Café meets CSS Day: an in-Person Pop-Up Event! +++

Whoohoo, it's time again for CSS Day, our favorite in-person CSS conference! 🤗

Last year we used the opportunity of having all these CSS nerds and masterminds so close by to organize our very first in-person event. And it went great! 🥳 So we're gonna repeat it this year and meet again the day right after the conference.

Staying true to our name, there will be tasty coffee ☕ as well as softdrinks 🧉 and pastries 🍪 paired with informal / unconference like presentations and potential discussions around our all favorite web language ✨!

If you have ideas what you'd like present, just hit us up! It can be a full blown talk or just showing a few nice demos. It could be focusing on a certain CSS feature, or discussing an architectural approach, or showing off a nice hack, or presenting your wishlist for browser CSS devtools. You can reach us via:

Notes: Thanks to increased sponsoring we could double the amount of spots compared to last year. The 5 EUR entry fee is to keep no-shows at bay - the money will be donated to the MathML-Core project on Open Collective.


Huge thank you's go out to PPK and Krijn from CSS Day and to our incredibly generous sponsor 9elements for making this event possible! 🙏🏻♥

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Léonie Watson - CSS Speech

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