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Let's meet up and 说中文! (regular bi-monthly)
Hey fellow Dragons! ++++++++ Interested in Chinese/German? ++++++++ Learning Chinese/German and need to practice or find language-tandem partners? Interested in culture exchange? Want to meet awesome internationals? …Or just want to get tips on where to find ‘authentic’ Chinese food in Berlin? Whatever the reason, come join us! The more the merrier: such is the Chinese way! ++++++++++++++++ Our meetup structure ++++++++++++++++ Obviously, everyone has different language levels and different expectations at a meetup. We normally form 3 groups: 1. a group that studies basic Chinese/German using their own materials with help from native-speakers; 2. a group that practices speaking Chinese/German with native-speakers; 3. the rest who are here to socialize in whatever language they're comfortable with and jumping into whichever conversation they can find...so expect a lot of English…and laughter! We try our best to fulfil everyone's expectations so we can all benefit from the meetup and have a good time; if you have any suggestions or ideas please don't hesitate to let us know! :) +++ No time on Thursday's? +++ We meet every 2 weeks on Thursday, however, there is usually another meetup on the off-weeks. The other meetups are not regular and occur on different days/at different locations. Please refer to the individual events. Looking forward to seeing many of you there! :) Cheers & 回头见 Yimu & Xuedi


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Worum es bei uns geht

A quick search for a Chinese language and culture meet up in Berlin came up with 0 results so I thought, why not start my own? After meeting a German friend who lived in China for 7 years, who's also interested in starting (again) a Chinese language and culture meet up, and several beers later, our little group was born. The idea of this group is to bring people together who are interested in China to meet up once every 2 weeks on the same evening to talk about Chinese culture (as the meet up develops we will try lots of different things out such as watching Chinese films, eating in Chinese resturants or making some Chinese food at home etc.), and speak some Chinese (Mandarin only sorry). Learning Mandarin? Come practice! Already speak it fluently? Come and make new friends! (Or find tandem partners) Be seeing ya! Yimu & Xuedi

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