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A quick Google search for a Chinese language and culture meetup in Berlin came up with 0 results when I first moved to this city, so I thought, why not start my own?

Inevitably, I made a friend at a bar -- a sure-thing to happen in Berlin. Xuedi is German (even though he will convince you that he's Chinese) and has lived in China for 7 years...and several beers later, our meetup group was born!

The idea of this group is to bring people together and share our interests in China/Germany (or anywhere), speak/learn Chinese/German (or your language), make new friends, eat out, or just hang. Our group has been running on a fortnightly basis since 2015!

Learning Chinese/German? Come practice and find tandem partners! Already speak it fluently? Come and hang out with us!


*A friend comes from afar. Is that not a reason to celebrate? - Confucius

Yimu & Xuedi

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