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The Distributed C++ Meet-up 0x02 { Berlin, London, Stockholm } - hosted by King

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This might just be the worlds second distributed C++ meet-up!
This time we'll be joining two other European cities: Stockholm, again, and now Berlin too. As before we'll be connected via a live video stream.

Thanks to King ( for sponsoring and hosting this event - as well as doing all the hard work to make the video sync happen!


For access to King's offices we'll need access cards produced. Therefore we'll require your full name - nicknames will not be sufficient. You'll be asked for this when you register here.

So here's the schedule - note the earlier start, to accommodate our European counterparts:

17:30 Pre-session networking and getting that good seat at the front

18:00 Stockholm:

Harald Achitz : "Less is more, let's build a spaceship!"

A tutorial covering some theory, concepts and implementation details about ordering and comparison of custom types in C++.
We will discuss today's situation and what we can probably expect in the near future.

Arvid Norberg : "Type Safe Flags"

A lightning talk

18:40 Berlin:

Richard Spindler : "GPU Computing and Image Processing with boost::compute"

The "compute" library is part of boost since release[masked], and it provides a convenient interface to access GPU computing resources from C++. This Talk will give a short intro to the API, and how to compile programs with OpenCL support. Classic Image Processing algorithms will serve as an example use case for the introduction.

19:20 London:

Dominic Jones : "Expression tree transforms"

A methodology to implement compile time adjoint automatic differentiation. The differentiation merely sets the context; the vast majority of the talk would be about efficient tree manipulation using TMP algorithms

20:00 Socialising with pizza and drinks, c/o King

Timings are approximate but include time for Q&A

Stockholm's event page can be found here:

And Berlin's: