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Hello altogether! This group aims to bring together all hiking enthusiasts from Düsseldorf and its region. Our hikes lead us across Düsseldorf as well as all the beautiful places surrounding our city. By the way: Every member is more than welcome to suggest his and her own hiking ideas. Simply write a message to one of our organizers and we'll figure out a great tour! On another note, this group is proud to be a very international communtity with great folks from all around the world. What defines the meetup culture is the mutual respect towards each other regardless of one's ethnicity, sexuality or political views. All that matters is the willingness to having a great time together! :)

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Lemmy & Neal

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The Great Flunkyball Championship!

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Dear Wandervögel,

This event here is something for those among us who have a passion for both drinking games and cold beer: Our big Flunkyball tournament 2021! For those who don't know "Flunkyball", here we go:

This terrific drinking game stands in sharp contrast to all the other god damned boring drinking games - here, it's actually your GOAL to drink as much and fast as you can:

  1. Two teams standing opposite to each other. Every player is equipped with a 0.5 liter beer.
  2. In the middle (between the two teams) there's the target, usually a bottle.
  3. Both teams (rotationally) try to throw down the target with a ball.
  4. You hit it? Great: You and your team mates are allowed to drink as fast as possible until the other team placed the targed upright again and brought back the ball behind their line. Then, they shout "stoooop!!!" Turn for team B!
  5. The first team that finishes its beer...wins the game!

We will play a tournament at two differents spots in Düsseldorf (group phase and finalsl) with three players in each team. May the most sportive drunkards win! :D

All the best --> Neal

P.S.: As always, all details as well as the meeting point will be shared in our common WhatsApp group. As soon as you join the event, we'll add you to our group :)

The July Morning Hike: Sweet Summer Vibes.

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Dear Wandervögel,

The sweet summertime calls us out for celebrating our first morning hike in 2021 :) The idea in a few words: We'll hike a route the organizer planned before while drinking and dancing to our own music: We'll take along a guitar as well as a music speaker. Much freedom, no limitations and lots of joy!

The special thing: We'll meet and start at 5 am (!) in the morning, observe a hopefully amazing sunrise and start hiking a beautiful route alongside the river Rhine in good ol' Düsseldorf :)

As always, you'll receive a message including the phone number for our WhatsApp group as soon as you've joined the event!

All the best --> Neal

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Düsseldorf Jazz Rally 2022 & Mini Night Hike!

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