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Payment Request API • Artificial Engineering • How markup becomes pixels

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Kohlenhofstraße 60 · Nürnberg

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Enter the backyard and follow the signs upstairs. Unfortunately the venue is not fully accessible for disabled people.

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💥 It's a blast to announce our next event which will be located at ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator in Nuremberg. This time we'll cover a wide set of JavaScript topics from Request Payment API, Artificial Engineering and facts about browser rendering. (*talk abstracts below)

🙏 Big thanks to our Sponsors: ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator for hosting and catering, Google for speaker and travel costs and Thinktecture for speaker and travel costs.

🎟This time we are community partner of the Reactive Conference 2018 in Prague. So we are happy to share our voucher code for you to get a 10% discount. Add "FrankenJS" at the check out to get the discount. (And we have a bunch of stickers, shirts, bags and other swag for you 🤘)

Visit • See you in Prague!

🗓 Schedule
• 18.00 - Open Doors + Food 🍕
• 18.25 - Warm Welcome
• 18.30 - Monetising Your App with Payment Request API - Christian Liebel, Thinktecture AG, Karlsruhe
• 19.00 - Web rendering - How markup becomes pixel - Martin Splitt, Google, Zurich
• 19.30 - Break (30 mins)
• 20.00 - The evolution of software - Christoph Martens, & inventor of LycheeJS, Berlin
• 20.30 - Get drinks & make friends 🍻

⭐️The evolution of software • Christoph Martens, & inventor of LycheeJS, Berlin

This talk will show you how to use generative models and coevolutionary AI concepts to evolve software in order to solve given problems. Step by step we will dig into the underlying architecture and discuss code, having a beer while the AI does all the work.

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⭐️Web rendering - How markup becomes pixels • Martin Splitt, Google, Zurich

We all want fast-loading, beautiful websites with silky-smooth animations.
But getting there isn't always easy or obvious. In this talk we will shed a light on the lower-level processes for rendering a website and what we can do to make it fast and smooth.

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⭐️ On the Road to PWA: Monetising Your App with Payment Request API • Christian Liebel, Thinktecture AG, Karlsruhe

Goodbye, app store! Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is an application model that empowers web applications to use “native” features such as offline capability or push notifications. PWAs can be installed on the device by simply adding them to the home screen. With Google, Apple and Microsoft on board, PWA are here to stay. But how do app developers and vendors make money in a post-app store age? Fortunately, there’s an answer to that: The Payment Request API. This feature allows online shops, websites and apps to display a convenient, consistent user interface for online payments. Thinktecture’s Christian Liebel (@christianliebel) shows what you can do with Payment Request API.

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🍕 Food and drinks are included as always.

💌 Feel free to contact us at any time
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