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Our events take place in a period of 2 - 3 months, at different local hosts which are located in northern Bavaria - better known as the beautiful Franconia :)

We love to connect our community with fantastic speakers, open source projects and companies.

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Component based PWA && Desktop Apps W/ Tauri && Static Pages W/ Dynamic Content

tollwerk | Barrierefreie Kommunikation · Web & Design · TYPO3

Dear community,
Before the end of 2022, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming meetup on December 7th. Furthermore, we are happy to have Tollwerk as our host for the event. qupaya technologies GmbH sponsors food and drinks. 🥳 Thinktecture AG covers travel costs!

📆 Schedule
• 17.30 - Open Doors
• 18.00 - Grab Food & Drinks
• 18.30 - Making of http://paint.js.org - a Web Component-based Productivity PWA - Christian Liebel
• 19.00 - Multi-Platform Desktop Apps with Tauri - Bernd Kaiser
• 19.30 - Break (15 mins)
• 19.45 - Static pages with "dynamic" content - Jörn Bernhardt
• 20.15 - Get drinks & make friends 🍻

🙏 Please cancel your reservation if you can't make it to the event.


Making of http://paint.js.org - a Web Component-based Productivity PWA, Christian Liebel (@christianliebel)

Progressive Web Apps and the new powerful web APIs provided by Project Fugu allow developers to implement desktop-class productivity apps using web technologies. In this session, Christian Liebel shows you the critical parts of how http://paint.js.org was made, a remake of the productivity app dinosaur Microsoft Paint. It runs great as a standalone application, and since it is based on Web Components, it can even be embedded into other applications. And since everything is web-based, it runs on all operating systems, desktop or mobile, not just Windows 95.

Multi-Platform Desktop Apps with Tauri, Bernd Kaiser (@CrimEmp)

Nowadays, most companies build their Desktop apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Everybody and their brother are using Electron to bundle and ship these apps. Sadly also, everybody knows how terrific and memory-hungry Electron apps typically are. Here enters the new challenger: Tauri. A modern toolkit to "build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications." In this session,n we will discover how Tauricano delivers these promises and how easy it is to start a Tauri project. We will look closely at Tauri's "security first" approach and compare it to Electron and co.

Bernd Kaiser works as a software engineer at inovex. He enjoys fiddling with the latest and greatest web stuff and annoys other people with his boring security considerations.

Static pages with "dynamic" content, Jörn Bernhard (@NarigoDF)

Now more than ever, having your website is an integral part of your digital presence. While there are many complex solutions, you can start with a straightforward step: Static websites. Leveraging the possibilities from GitHub, we can introduce a build step to make them dynamic. We'll explore this idea and publish directly from our repository's source code. GitHub pages are a cheap alternative to the many host and cloud-based solutions.

Jörn Bernhardt is an expert in web technologies. He studied computer science at Landshut University, but his interests extend to poetry and sketching. He has supported the JavaScript Craft Camp community and the Poetry Slam in Landshut, Sprechakt. His latest venture is leading the team at http://compose.us GmbH, a distributed start-up focusing on digital automation in the GovTech sector. You can view his creativity throughout the various projects on his GitHub under Narigo.

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