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GOTO Night: Continuous Control & Introducing the Continuous ProductOps Playbook
Doors opening 18:30 Start 19:00 Cost free of charge Snacks & refreshments included Speaker Dan Mitchell, Simon Bostock and Neha Datt GOTO Night: Continuous Control & Introducing the Continuous ProductOps Playbook Continuous Control (and retiring DevOps) — Dan Mitchell Many of us have spent what feels like the majority of our careers helping clients be ‘more agile’ — getting faster feedback, learning and experimenting, autonomous cross-functional teams, retiring ‘legacy’ stuff. But now there are a new breed of firms who don’t have legacy, for whom experimentation is the norm, who are staffed by people who have never worked in any waterfall-ish environment. This has bred a whole new range of challenges and opened up new possibility spaces. How do you help a new generation brought up on The Lean Startup to scale and build to last, to enjoy agility without sacrificing control, without bringing back ITIL and all the horrors of Enterprise IT management? Bio: Dan’s the Equal Experts Operability Lead and spends his time between delivery and consulting helping organisations understand operability is about more than just the infrastructure automation they’ve been led to expect from “DevOps Engineers”. He loves to talk about platforms as product, infrastructure, telemetry, deployment health, on-call practices and post-mortems. Introducing the Continuous ProductOps Playbook — Simon Bostock & Neha Datt Agile won. Pretty much all the companies we worked with in recent years is in the latter stages of the first way of ‘digital transformations’ and are trying new ways of working. Many of these same companies have teams who’ve never known anything else. But tech firms and software companies are working at speeds and at scales few understood a decade ago. And this creates a whole new class of interesting problems to solve. We’ve been working on a playbook for product managers who work in continuous delivery environments at scale. The playbook will be completed during a week-long design sprint ready for GOTO Nights and includes contributions from all over the continuous delivery specialists from all over the world. We’ll be sharing our top X tips at how to build software at scale. Bio: Neha started working in tech around 15 years ago as a developer and soon after moved into analyst and product roles. She loves delivering products and coaching teams towards continuous improvement. Most of her experience has been in internal products and services, platforms and, (most recently) DevOps infrastructure and services. It's in this "unsexy" world of enabling platforms and backend APIs that she loves working with her teams to apply product thinking, lean startup practises and user-centred design principles. Bio: Simon Bostock is a product lead, service designer and UX architect working as an associate on software development and transformation projects with Equal Experts. He works in 'continuous everything' teams and has been spending time working on developing a transdisciplinary community of delivery specialists interested in the theme of 'DevOps mindset for designers and product people’. PS: We will once again raffle one conference ticket for GOTO Berlin 2018 ! ;)

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