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Tech topics we are passionate about include Programming Languages and Frameworks (mostly back-end), Event-Driven Architecture, Microservices, Machine Learning, AI (& society), The Human Factor of Tech and IoT to name a few.

Any questions, comments or topic ideas? Feel free to contact Marco ( mto@trifork.com ). You can also let him know if you know of a cool speaker as we are always looking to collaborate on our community events.

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Spring Boot Masterclass Taster Session

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As part of a collaborative initiative, Trifork Academy and GOTO have organised a free virtual taster event focused on Spring Boot with Trifork’s CTO, Joris Kuipers, who has over 15 years working with the Spring dating back to his days at Spring Source.

*****Register here:https://info.trifork.com/spring-boot-taster-session*****

Join us in this fast-paced 2-hour Spring masterclass taster session. During this masterclass taster, you'll be given a practical introduction to Spring Boot.

The taster consists of both presentations and demos as well as hands-on exercises and covers the following topics:

- Overview to explain what Spring Boot is and the functionality it provides
- Creating a new project using the Spring Initializr
- Building and running your project from your IDE or the command line
- Spring Boot autoconfiguration
- Spring Boot starter dependencies
- Ways to provide configuration to your spring boot application, including the use of @ConfigurationProperties and relaxed binding

** All topics and much more are covered in-depth in the 4-day Spring: Core Masterclass or the 2 Day Spring Boot Masterclass **

For this taster, the prerequisite is that you have some basic Spring experience already, especially in using it for dependency injection and experience with Java as an enterprise programming language.


Joris has been educating developers on Spring for over 15 years having started as a Senior Consultant at Interface21 (formerly SpringSource, now VMware), in April 2007. His role there was training Java developers in Spring and Java EE technologies, as well as providing technical consultancy. In 2012 Joris joined Trifork Amsterdam, where he works as CTO & Hands-on Architect. His extensive experience with Spring means that he can provide a lot of tips, tricks and real-world examples.

***** Register here:https://info.trifork.com/spring-boot-taster-session*****

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