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Workshop Business German (B1-C1) #3: Jobinterview in German
You want to prepare well for your job interview in Germany? In this workshop I will walk you through the main points to consider when preparing for an interview in Germany and of course how to respond to typical questions and situations that might come up during the interview. We will also focus on German etiquette and cultural subtleties that matter in Germany. In the end, you will receive a transcript which summarizes the important information. You can use it to continue working on your interview preparation from home. In the end, you will receive a transcript which summarizes the important information. You can use it to repeat what we covered. Please note the special conditions of the workshop! - Participation in the workshop costs 12 EUR to be paid in cash. - We will meet at the "Clubraum" - it is located in a separate room all in the back of the café. - Because we meet in a café everyone has to order something to drink. Tea starts at 1.90 EUR. Let me know if you have questions, I am looking forward to meeting you! _________________________________________________________________________ Du möchtest dich gut auf ein Vorstellungsgespräch in Deutschland vorbereiten? In diesem Workshop führe ich Euch durch alle Schritte der Vorbereitung auf ein Interview und natürlich werden wir üben, wie man am besten auf typische Fragen reagieren kann. Wir werden uns auch auf die Deutsche Etiquette und kulturelle Feinheiten fokussieren, die in Deutschland wichtig sind. Es wird ein Skript geben, welches die Inhalte des Workshops zusammenfasst. Dieses kann nach dem Meetup nachhause genommen werden. Hier noch ein paar wichtige Details zum Workshop: - Der Workshop kostet 12 EUR und wird in Bar bezahlt. - Wir treffen uns im "Clubraum" - in einem separaten Raum ganz hinten im Café. - Da wir uns in einem Café treffen, müssen alle etwas zum Trinken bestellen. Tee gibt es ab 1.90EUR Meldet Euch, wenn es Fragen gibt, Ich freue mich auf Euch!

AUFSTURZ Restaurant & Konzertklub

Oranienburger Straße 67, 10117 Berlin · Berlin

Worum es bei uns geht

Improve your spoken German and meet potential study partners! You are studying German but you don't get a chance to practice speaking? Our dynamic conversation class is aimed at those who want to practice or fine tune their German in a structured class, guided by an experienced German teacher. Each week we have a new topic to tackle a variety of vocabulary.

It's a great chance to practice your German, develop your conversation skills and meet interesting people. A positive and supportive ambiance will make you talk better in no time. Improved fluency and pronunciation, an extended vocabulary and personal feedback will give you confidence in future conversations in your job or private life.

Is there a fee?

Yes it's 5 EUR for 90min. The fee is for the preparation and conduction of the class & for the Meetup organizer fee.

Please note: The fee for a coffee or drink is independent of the class fee.

Feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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