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Wir verstehen uns als Community und Initiative in Erlangen zur Förderung von einem spielerischen, kreativen und experimentellen Umgang mit Technologien und Wissenschaft im Gesundheitswesen. Im Vordergrund stehen die Neugier an Technologie zu befeuern und den Austausch zwischen Ärzten, Bastlern und Programmieren zu fördern.

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Technology in Healthcare Stammtisch


Technology is beautiful especially if you enjoy it together with likeminded people. But it is even better if it is driven by purpose: improve healthcare and help patients.

As a bunch of hackers, nerds, visionaries and tinkerers we invite you – no matter what background – to join our monthly Stammtisch. We want to create the casual place to be if you want to talk technology in healthcare just out of your humble curiosity.

There will be no agenda, but many opportunities to discuss and ideate new technology trends with great people. Sometimes someone will share something like an interesting article, get feedback on a concept, to find teammates for a new project or even startup, but also to present a new gadget. Sometimes we just drink some cold beverages and see how the evening evolves.

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