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Allgemeine Informationen zur Java User Group München (JUGM, www.jugm.de):

Seit November 2000 existiert der Arbeitskreis Java User Group München.

Initiiert wurde die JUGM von der Regionalgruppe München der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

Die JUGM ist als offizielle Java User Group bei Oracle geführt.

Die JUGM wendet sich an alle Personen, die sich für die Programmiersprache Java und damit verbundenen Technologien interessieren.

Die JUGM ist für alle offen und kostenfrei, eine Mitgliedschaft bei der GI ist nicht erforderlich.

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Decoupling Java microservices live-coded using Camunda 8 and Kafka

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Der Link zum Webinar wird 30min vor Beginn auf www.jugm.de bekannt gegeben oder früher über die Mailingliste ([masked])! You will find the link to the webinar 30min before start on www.jugm.de.

Thomas Heinrichs

When you first get started with Java microservices in a distributed architecture, things are remarkably easy. But it won’t take long for a production system to start showing some signs of strain. Responses get slower, availability decreases, and you’ll suddenly start to realize that services aren’t always as decoupled as you thought! This is often due to too much peer-to-peer communication, missing possibilities to store state which leads to a resistance to use asynchronous or reactive concepts. In this session I will demonstrate how a workflow engine or state machine can easily improve your architecture and decrease coupling. I will have three microservices ready, refactor them live on stage and add Camunda’s Open Source remote workflow engine as well as Apache Kafka. You will not only gain a better understanding of the architecture, but also can follow along on the code level.
Whilst doing so we are also looking on a practical example of how this looks like in production at the city of Munich.

Bio: Thomas is a Consultant at Miragon, a company which helps organisations to become truly digital. Prior to this Thomas worked as a Consultant and Developer Advocate in various areas around process automation and cloud-native applications.
Being passionate for open-source projects, process automation and cloud native architectures, he spoke at various conferences like "All Things Open" or "Kafka Summit".
When not working on such topics he is occupied with doing outdoor sports like climbing and skiing.

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Mit dem Strom schwimmen statt gegen ihn. Java Parallel Streams für Profis

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