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We are back on the 7th of September and we have an excellent line up of speakers.

19:00: Intro by Kahlil Lechelt (http://kahlil.info) & Manuel Rauber (http://twitter.com/manuelrauber)

19:15: Feel The Glimmer by Marco Otte-Witte (http://twitter.com/@marcoow)

Glimmer.js (https://glimmerjs.com/) makes Ember's hyper-fast rendering engine Glimmer available for all. I'll dive deep into the internals of the Glimmer VM and show how it can be leveraged via Glimmer.js. I'll end by explaining how Glimmer.js and Ember will form an ecosystem that apps of all sizes can flourish in.

19:45: 🍕 & 🍻

20:30: Using GraphQL Subscriptions With Apollo by Nilan Marktanner (https://twitter.com/_marktani)

In this talk we’ll dive deeply into GraphQL (http://graphql.org/learn/) subscriptions and see how to use them today in real-world applications with Apollo Client. We will explore the concepts behind subscriptions and how they work on a full-stack level. By the end of the talk you’ll have a good understanding when and when not to use GraphQL subscriptions and what the future of real-time GraphQL might look like.

21:15: HoloJS At A Glance by Christian Liebel (https://twitter.com/chris_liebel)

Microsoft HoloLens, introduced in 2015, is the world’s first untethered holographic computer. Apps are written in DirectX/C++ or with the help of Unity. Almost two years later, Microsoft released HoloJS, a framework for creating holographic applications in JavaScript and WebGL. Let’s have a quick look at HoloJS: is it ready for production?


This event is hosted and sponsored by inovex (https://www.inovex.de/de/).