KarlsruheJS April 2019: ⚛️ Syncing Redux & 🛠 C++ to Web with WebAssembly

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This time we'll be hearing about ⚛️ syncing Redux & porting C++ apps to the web with 🛠 WebAssembly.

19:00: Intro

19:15: Synced Redux by Johannes Reuter


Redux is a popular solution for handling state in client side web applications. But it falls short in providing solutions for syncing this application state across other devices and servers. In this talk I present an approach to tackle this problem - including perks like elegant conflict resolution, data migration and end-to-end encryption.

19:45: 🍕& 🍻

20:30: WebAssembly: Embedded native Code inside the Webbrowser – C++ goes Web by Martina Kraus


Porting an old C++ desktop app to a single page application without rewriting business logic?
That's possible with web assembly. Further running native embedded Code inside the browser comes without a performance penalty. This enables the developer to create also compute heavy tasks like video and image rendering. After small examples, aiming to show the compiler toolchain, Martina will deep dive into the question: How to port existing C++ Application to web assembly?

21:00: Hangout


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This meetup is sponsored and hosted by our friends at dmTECH (https://www.dmtech.de)