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We are a group of "Azurers". People with their heads in the Cloud, passionate about building amazing stuff on the Microsoft Azure Platform. We unite everyone from Azure newbie to expert, from developer to IT-pro and from startup to enterprise. If you are interested in Cloud Computing with Microsoft, please join our meetup. All our sessions are in English. In case of questions or if you would like to contribute as an organizer, speaker or sponsor, please contact the organizers. Follow us at https://twitter.com/azurezurich .

All our slides are published to SpeakerDeck: https://speakerdeck.com/azurezurich

We want people to be nice to each other. If you participate in the Azure Zurich User Group events, you are obliged to follow our code of conduct: https://dotnetday.ch/coc.html#english . Thanks!

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[In Person] Azure OpenAI with Terraform & Azure API Builder

Digicomp Academy AG

IN-PERSON meetup at Digicomp in Zürich.

Please note:

  • Please do only reserve a seat, if you really plan to attend.
  • Seats are not limited. No need to "block" a seat.
  • If you will attend, please register quickly
  • Please unregister if you cannot make it.



  • 18:00 Welcome
  • 18:05 Deploying a Chatbot Powered by Azure OpenAI Using Terraform by Saverio Proto and Sofia Ferreira
  • 18:50 Drinks, Food and Networking
  • 19:20 Data API builder by Matthias Güntert
  • 20:30 end

Session 1: Deploying a Chatbot Powered by Azure OpenAI Using Terraform by Saverio Proto and Sofia Ferreira
Join us at the Azure Zurich user group meetup to learn how to deploy a chatbot application that leverages the powerful capabilities of Azure OpenAI. Azure OpenAI Service provides REST API access to cutting-edge language models, including the GPT-3, Embeddings, ChatGPT (gpt-35-turbo) and GPT-4.
In this presentation, we will introduce the Azure Verified Terraform module, Azure/openai/azurerm, which streamlines the deployment process. We will demonstrate step-by-step how to use this module to deploy a chatbot that utilizes Azure OpenAI to provide accurate answers to questions based on your specific uploaded data.
Whether you're new to Azure OpenAI or Terraform, this session will provide valuable insights and practical guidance on setting up and configuring a chatbot powered by Azure OpenAI. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the possibilities of combining Azure OpenAI with technologies in your applications.

About speaker1:

Session 2: Data API builder by Matthias Güntert
Microsoft's new Data API builder allows developers to expose databases via REST and GraphQL endpoints in a codeless manner! The integrated policy engine supports common features such as pagination, filtering, projection, sorting, and even authorization out of the box. This session will provide an overview of what the Data API builder runtime is capable of, and how quickly it can be set to the action!

About Matthias:
Matthias Güntert is a passionate solution architect, tech-enthusiast, and blogger who likes to learn new things and share his knowledge. He is focusing on solution architectures based on Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform and has been working for major Swiss banks, insurance companies, but also NPOs, and other SMBs.


The event is, as always, free of charge and held in English.

Please reserve a seat and cancel if you cannot make it. Thank you!

This event is sponsored by Digicomp AG (https://www.digicomp.ch/) Thanks a lot for supporting the Swiss Azure Community!

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