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We are a group of "Azurers". People with their heads in the Cloud, passionate about building amazing stuff on the Microsoft Azure Platform. We unite everyone from Azure newbie to expert, from developer to IT-pro and from startup to enterprise. If you are interested in Cloud Computing with Microsoft, please join our meetup. All our sessions are in English. In case of questions or if you would like to contribute as an organizer, speaker or sponsor, please contact the organizers. Follow us at https://twitter.com/azurezurich .

All our slides are published to SpeakerDeck: https://speakerdeck.com/azurezurich

We want people to be nice to each other. If you participate in the Azure Zurich User Group events, you are obliged to follow our code of conduct: https://dotnetday.ch/coc.html#english . Thanks!

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[In-Person] Azure Synapse Meetup bei isolutions im "The Circle"

isolutions AG

Please note: This meetup will be presented in GERMAN.

Wir freuen uns auf dieses in-person Meetup gehostet von isolutions (https://isolutions.ch/) in ihrem luxuriösen Office im "The Circle" am Flughafen Zürich!

Azure Synapse ist das Major Data & Analytics Tool in der Microsoft Cloud. Es bietet eine Unmenge an Funktionen und Besonderheiten. In diesen Sessions möchten wird das Tool Synapse selbst vorstellen, sowie unsere Erfahrung und Projektbeispiele zu Security, CI / CD und Data Engineering mit Azure Synapse teilen.

Speakers: Laurent Christen (Senior Architect), Marc Rufer (Lead Software Developer) und Maximiliano Luchsinger (Data Engineer) und Linus Niederhauser.


  • 18:00 Welcome (isolutions und Azure Zürich User Group)
  • 18:05 Session 1
  • Aufbau und Komponenten von Azure Synapse (Laurent Christen)
  • Flows, Pipelines & Notebooks (Max Luchsinger / Linus Niederhauser)
  • 18:50 Drinks, Food and Networking
  • 19:20 Session 2
  • CI / CD (Marc Rufer)
  • Security Konzept (Laurent Christen & Max Luchsinger)
  • 20:30 Ende

Dieses Event findet in DEUTSCH statt und ist, wie immer, kostenlos und offen für alle Interessierten. Vielen Dank an isolutions für das Hosting und Sponsoring dieses Meetups.

Bitte reserviere Deinen Platz so bald wie möglich. Danke!

[Partner Event] 2-Day App Security Workshop by Damien Bowden & Marc Rufer (Bern)

We are excited to present the "2-day Application Security Workshop" presented by Damien Bowden (www.damienbod.net) and Marc Rufer from isolutions.

if you are interested in OAuth, OIDC, OWASP, FIDO and App Security in general, do not miss this workshop!

Disclaimer: This is a commercial workshop organized by isolutions and has no connection to the Azure Zurich User Group, other than the fact that we think it is awesome!

Check out the details here: Application Security Workshop 26.04 -[masked] in Bern (isolutions.ch)

[In Person] Partner Event - Azure Bootcamp Switzerland

The Azure Bootcamp requires a ticket. Get yours at: www.azurebootcamp.ch. No need to register on meetup.com.

Azure Bootcamp Switzerland is a 100% community-driven one-day conference around Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing platform in Switzerland. The conference takes place once a year. Azure Bootcamp Switzerland is the ultimate spot for Azure users who want to learn first hand from subject matter experts and Microsoft Azure professionals.
Our event will bring newcomers and experts together and aims to be an inspirational place to meet and discuss good practices, success stories, challenges and anything else around that rapidly evolving technology.
Details at: www.azurebootcamp.ch

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