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We are creative people and artists getting together over a cup of coffee and just draw - draw each other, draw people around in their context, draw faces, movements, surroundings, animals or plants ... We are meeting in public space, like public places, restaurants, bars, museums. We make it our own place and share it with the community. We use our favorite medium like pencils, watercolor, art pen, markers, iPad etc. or try something new and get inspired from the others. It's about being curious, meeting creative people, learning from each other, having fun and sketching what we see. It's NOT about teaching how to draw; it's rather about learning how to see. We are always open to new drawers, having new ideas.

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Urban Sketching #36: Lichthof University of Zurich

University of Zurich

Every first Sunday of the month we meet to draw or paint whatever we see and like in or around a place in Zurich that is different each time. We usually sketch for about two hours. Together or individually, according to your preference. Everyone brings their own material and who likes to bring a small chair. Every style and every level is welcome. Afterwards we meet again and share our results. The manifesto of urban sketchers gives us a common framework: http://www.urbansketchers.org/p/our-manifesto.html This time we meet already on a Saturday (since the building is closed on Sundays) to sketch inside or around the University of Zurich. Let´s also start a bit earlier than usually since the building closes at 13:30 already. At cold temperatures the huge atrium invites to draw. Please have a look at the picture. Isn´t it worth spending a Saturday noon sketching? ;-) If the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising, there is also great architecture to be captured in your sketchbook outside. The building will be quite full this Saturday. So everyone who is more interested in drawing people will also get it´s chance. I'll be happy to see many of you :-D #uskzurich #urbansketchingmeetupzurich

Portrait Session IIII at Alterszentrum Grünau

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Let's go for the fourth time .... At Alterzentrum Grünau (a living place for old people), we are going to meet some of the residents for a Drawing Meet up. Either they will join us and be part of the sketching team or they will pose for us in their favourite places indoor. Take with you your drawing material, I have pads and there will be tables and chairs in the cafeteria. If you come later, you'll find us :) Looking forward to meeting up!

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Court Sketching #4

Obergericht des Kantons Zürich

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